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2/27/19 - Help Support Baby Luca!

Baby Luca was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis and his mom Jaymie is doing the Great Strides Walk for Cystic Fibrosis in St. Petersburg on May 11! They are raising money for his team "Luca's Gladiators" as well! CLICK HERE TO DONATE!

9/25/18 - Help Lily's Parents Visit Her at the Hospital


Lily is a 13-month old baby who was diagnosed with AML soon after she was born. She has been in and out of the hospital for various treatments and she has now been approved to be admitted to St. Jude's Hospital. However, she can't be admitted until her parents are able to afford a car to transport and visit her during her stay.

Help Lily's parents raise the funds needed to visit their daughter as well as pay for her treatment by going to their GoFundMe page HERE. You can also find out more info on theirFacebook page.

8/15/18 - Help Rachel Find Her Sister in Los AngelesRachel's sister has been missing for several years in the Los Angeles area of California. It turns out that a Washington Post article used a photo of Kara which helped Rachel locate her in the Los Angeles area. Help Rachel get the funds to search for her sister Kara and bring her home safely.

Find out more information and donate to their GoFundMe page HERE.

8/3/18 - Help Mary Raise Funds for Her Dad's Second SurgeryMary's dad Julio has owned his own mechanic shop since 2003! However a few months ago he was involved in an accident that severed several of the vertebrae in his neck and forced him to close his shop. Help Mary and her family help their dad afford another surgery and be able to live a more pain-free life.

Find out more information and donate HERE.

6/29/18 - K9 Mutt Strut!The K9 Caring Angels Therapy Dog Team will be having their 1st annual Mutt Strut Fundraising Event for the Warrior Angel Project on Saturday, June 30!All proceeds from this event will be presented to the Warrior Angels Program. The Warrior Angels are the service dog arm of Caring Angels.We will have a Dirty Dogger Mud Run, games and activities for children, contests, food, music, and much more! The event will be held rain or shine! **If you plan to bring your family pet to the event, please refrain from using retractable leashes.

Find out more information on the event, here: Event Page

K9 Caring Angels Facebook Page

K9 Caring Angels Website

6/27/18 - Neha's YouTube Channel Was Recommended For The YouTube Kids App!Neha is just 10-years-old and she reads books to children! She also does book reviews, and shares stories from her personal life. Keep it up Neha!


6/13/18 - Kalan Raising Money To Teach Children With Autism How To Swim!Kalan called in for What's Good Wednesday this week and shared with us that she is on her way to getting certified to be a swimming instructor for children with autism!

Working with children with special needs is a true passion of Kalan's. She has taken care of special needs children (specifically children on the autism spectrum) in a caretaker role as well as a clinical role.  Swimming is a hobby of Kalan's so she wanted to combine an activity she enjoys, with something she is passionate about.

Money raised will go towards supplies, scholarships, and any start up fees/payments she will need to be able to provide these services. 

Donate here: GoFundMe

6/6/18 - Davinia Raising Money To Help School Children in JamaicaGrowing up in poverty in Jamaica, Davinia James faced serious challenges just getting to and from school. She and her brother were held up at gunpoint. A friend of hers was killed on the way to class.

James wasn’t alone. In Jamaica, about 3 in 5 children had a family member affected by violence, and fewer than 1 in 3 children felt safe in their own neighborhoods in 2008, according to UNICEF. A recent study across 29 urban schools in Kingston found that community and school violence was thesingle greatest factor in low achievement for students.  

But James did not let these traumatic events, nor the circumstances she was born into, deter her from her goal of becoming the first person in her family to get a high school education. 

Now more than a decade after graduating high school, James, a former school teacher and a Global Citizen Youth Ambassador for Education, is on a mission to ensure that children, and specifically girls like her, are able to get an education — no matter where they live. 

And she’s doing it in a unique way: by collecting pennies. 

Since 2013, James has collected more than 1.5 million pennies, or $15,000, for girls’ education, which has helped 300 girls get an education at the Zabuli Education Center in Deh’Subz, Afghanistan. 

“I don’t believe a penny is just a penny, and I don’t believe a girl is just a girl,” James said. “Everything that I do comes from my life story — being a girl from a developing country and being given the opportunity to gain an education.” 

Read the full story: Click here!

Help Davinia with her mission: Click here!


5/30 - Tommy is Biking Across America To Raise Awareness For People With Disabilities! 

Tommy is graduating from the University of Maryland, and instead of jumping into the work force right away, he will be biking 3,000 across America to raise funds and awareness for people with disabilities. 

Throughout the summer, Tommy and his team will be cycling an average of about 70 miles per day across the country. During the trip, they will also have the amazing opportunity to interact with people with disabilities through Friendship Visits, where they will come together for events like a cookout, baseball game, bowling, dinner, dancing, and so much more. 

His hope is to create a community, one relationship at a time, where the abilities of all people are recognized and valued. 

Tommy's Fundraiser Page: Donate here!

5/23 - Julie Is Raising Money For A Hospital Room In Her Son Brady's Honor!

Julie called in for What's Good Wednesday and told us a story that touched our lives about her son Brady. 

The donations raised go to supporting the soon to be built Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at Norton Children's Hospital. 

This unit will transform the lives of so many, allowing for the appropriate surroundings for pediatric heart patients to heal and recover.  Like Brady, these children endure some of the most invasive and life threatening procedures to fix their hearts and deserve a place dedicated to their successful recovery. 

Your donation will support the building of this great unit as well as get us one step closer to our ultimate goal of $25,000 which will secure naming rights to one of the private rooms in this unit.  What a better way to honor Brady, passing along his strength to those who stay in that room.

Donations made by check or cash please mail to the following address. Checks make payable to Norton Children’s Hospital Foundation

Donate: Click here to donate!

Blog: Click here to read the blog!

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