So if you watch the bachelorette like we do, you know WHA-BOOM from this current season with Rachel. 

Well there was something pretty big missing from the Men tell all on Monday. HE PERFORMED A SONG.... WITH BACK UP DANCERS. It's as terrible as it sounds. 

He told TMZ he put a lot of work into this performance and it was a "mistake" for ABC not to air it. He feels the reunion show was way too heavy ... and could have used his song for levity.

See for yourself. 

After Carrie Fisher passed away in December star wars fans started asking what’s going to happen to her role in the upcoming movies. John Boyega who plays Finn the new movies says fans of Carrie’s won't be disappointed. 

this movie, it sends her off in an amazing, amazing way.

THE HBO hacks are worse than what was originally reported. MORE episodes have been leaked including some Game of Thrones Episodes, as well as personal employee information. 

On the hackers website, it says quote, ”Winter is coming, HBO is falling," as well as "To be continued" which could mean more leaks are on their way 

Yesterday Justin took to Instagram to apologize to fans upset about his tour being canceled. 

He insists taking time off is essential for the future of his career. “I want my career to be sustainable, but I also want my mind heart and soul to be sustainable.”

And BTW there will be NO CRIMINAL CHARGES for hitting that paparazzi photgrapher with his truck. 

In the trailer for the new Thor movie there's a joke that fans instantly loved. 

It's the part where  Thor sees he’ll be fighting the Hulk Gladiator Style for Jeff Goldblum's character 

It turns out this joke was written on the spot by a kid who was on set as a gift from the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Chris Hemsworth said that in between the takes he was talking with this kid, and he said, ‘You know, you should say, He’s a friend from work!‘ ”

The director encourages actors to improvise and it stuck.