'The Four' Season 2 Episode 6: Which Longstanding Favorite Went Home?

'The Four'

With only a few more episodes left until the finale of season two of The Four: Battle For Stardom, the competition is getting down to the wire. This was the last episode that new challengers could potentially take a seat on the Four before next week's comeback episode.

On last week's episode, each member of the Four was able to defend their respective chairs — except for rocker Jesse Kramer, who was replaced by newcomer Noah Barlass, a 26-year-old pop/R&B singer from Welch, Oklahoma. Just goes to show that anything can happen on The Four.

Week six of the competition kicked off with Noah, Ali Caldwell, James Graham, and Sharaya J performing Bruno Mars's "24K Magic." Then, we got a glimpse of the Four hanging out with Meghan Trainor in the week prior. The group got to ask her questions about her career, and what her life is like now. Then, the night truly began.

The first challenger of the night was 24-year-old Jeronelle McGee, a classically trained singer from Omaha, Nebraska. Jeronelle, who made it clear he was coming for Noah's seat, performed Alex Clare's "Too Close." Afterwards, Meghan told him he has an "incredible" voice, and Diddy was also impressed as he called him "truly inspirational." And with three yes's from the panel, Jeronelle became the first official challenge of the night, and as previously mentioned, chose to go after Noah's seat.

Up first, was Noah performing Nick Jonas's "Chains," followed by Jeronelle with Maxwell's "This Woman's Work," which had some of the audience weeping. Afterwards, DJ Khaled got really passionate about taking advantage of the opportunity for being on the show, and fighting hard for their dreams, and the panel as a whole seemed to favor Jaronelle's performance over Noah's. But, it was up to the audience to choose the winner, and they picked Jeronelle and so he became the newest member of the Four.

'The Four'

The next challenger to take the stage was 25-year-old MacKenzie Johnson from Bucks County, PA, who performed Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself." While Meghan told MacKenzie that she reminded her of herself, she was unsure about her performance. Similarly, Diddy told her that he thought she could've done better, and that she needs more experience singing in front of live audiences. And with three no's from the panel, Johnson went home.

Following MacKenzie was 17-year-old Leah-Jenea Gaines -- AKA Leah Jenea -- from Newark, New Jersey who sang Daniel Caesar's "Best Part." It was unanimous that the panel loved Leah's performance and unique voice, and as Diddy said, "you did that!" And with three yes's, Leah became the second official challenge of the night, and she chose to go after James's chair.

Up first, was James, who put his own spin on Jason Derulo's "Want To Want Me," followed by Leah performing The Weeknd's "Call Out My Name." Afterwards, Meghan explained how much she loved Leah's performance, as echoed by DJ Khaled — and the audience agreed, because after they voted, Leah was chosen as the winner, sending James (who has been on the show since day one) home.

Leah Performs on 'The Four'

The next challenger of the night was 25-year-old rapper AJ Reynolds from New Hampshire, who performed an original song of his called "Cheeks." The panel, and the audience, really enjoyed the song, and as even Diddy said, "I want a copy of 'Cheeks.'" And with three yes's from the judges, AJ got to challenge one of the Four members for their seat, and of course, he chose Sheraya.

Up first, was Sheraya, who is now the only original Four member left, and she put her spin on Big Sean's "I Don't F*** With You," followed by AJ with another original song called "King." Afterwards, the crowd was chanting "Raya" and the panel seemed to like the female rapper's performance more too — and she won! Sheraya secured her seat for another week, and became the contestant to keep her seat for the longest time in The Four history.

Sheraya J performs on 'The Four'

Next up was 19-year-old Orlando, Florida Native Anthony Gargiula, who built up a fanbase posting videos of himself singing to social media, and was even previously noticed by Meghan Trainor — and she totally remembered him. Anthony performed Shawn Mendes's "In My Blood" and the panel ultimately wanted to see a challenge, because they gave the teen three yes's. So, Anthony went on to challenge Ali for her seat on the Four.

Up first, was Ali, who performed Mary J. Blige's "No More Drama," followed by Anthony singing Sam Smith's "I'm Not The Only One." Afterwards, although the panel had positive things to say about both performances, they believed that Ali had won the battle. And the audience agreed, because they voted for Ali as the winner, and so she went on to keep her seat for another week. 

And with that, all four chairs were locked for the night. Here are your final Four of the who will take their talents to next week's episode — THE COMEBACK EPISODE: Jeronelle McGee, Leah Jenea, Ali Caldwell and Sheraya J.

Ali Caldwell performs on 'The Four'

We're so close to finding out who the winner of season two of The Four: Battle For Stardom will be. Not only will the winner's career launch with the help of the judges, they will also become iHeartRadio's "On the Verge" artist; an artist development program supporting the winner with airplay across iHeartMedia radio stations nationwide. This program has helped launched the careers of artists like Sam Smith, Fifth Harmony and Nick Jonas, among others.

Who's the next super star?! Stay tuned to The Four: Battle for Stardom every Thursday at 8/7c on FOX.

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