Why Are We Still Testing for Covid?

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CLAY: Buck, on Friday we spent some time talking about the ladies of The View, two of them testing positive for covid. They very memorably got their positive covid test in the middle of the show. They had a producer walk out, remove them from the set. They also were interviewing Kamala Harris — and of course, Kamala came out and criticized the U.S. border security for using whips.

Obviously, that did not occur. But she and Joe Biden have both been passing that along. And now just in the last, what, hour or so they have found out that the positive covid tests they got are actually of a negative nature. They didn’t actually have covid. So here’s a big question for you, Buck — and I think it’s a good one. Why are we still really testing for covid?

Let me give you an example here. I have never tested positive for covid. I’ve been tested many times. Probably seven, eight, nine, 10 times. I know I had covid. I have covid antibodies. I suspect that I had covid when I had a small fever, but I may have had it as far back as at the Super Bowl because I came back and I was actually sick for a few days then, and we now know covid was circulating in Miami.

BUCK: You had antibodies, right? You’re not one of these people who’s, “I had a sniffle so I had covid,” right?

CLAY: No, I had covid. But the reason why I know is I have antibodies. I know. But I never went and got a positive test because I was like, “Well, if I start feeling bad and I need to be treated…” But in my entire life I’ve never had a positive test for the flu, for instance. I’ve certainly had the flu. And when I feel crappy, I stay home. Fortunately, I’ve had pretty good health over the last 20-some-odd years.

But I don’t remember for any other illness going and having a test to see whether or not I had it. Now, when I was a kid, strep throat tests? Okay. But I’ve had the flu a bunch of times like most people out there have. I’ve never gotten a positive test for it. The reason why I’m asking this is, since we know so many covid cases are asymptomatic, how many people are like The View? They have a positive covid test, they never have it, and they are isolating themselves in their homes for however long and it’s completely unnecessary?

BUCK: There’s also a lot of information we just should have and don’t about how much of a spreader are you if you’re asymptomatic, how long are you contagious? Remember we used to have these things? They would say, “Oh, for about seven days. Oh, then it’s 10 days,” and then it was two weeks, and then it was 10 days again. They used to try to tell us —

CLAY: I don’t even know what the number is now of how long you’re supposed to quarantine when you test positive.

BUCK: I think you’re supposed to quarantine for 10 days.

CLAY: Is that the number now? They moved it around, like you said.

BUCK: This is what I mean, right? I don’t worry about it ’cause I already had covid, so I’ve got that natural immunity up here in the Clay and Buck show. But look. I think that having these kinds of tests and having this testing going on continuously is of limited utility. You’ll notice that they’ve actually started to talk again… By the way, there are pop-up sites now all over my neighborhood. If you walk around Midtown Manhattan which is where I live and work —

CLAY: To get tested for covid you just go?

BUCK: — there are pop up sites, pop-up sites for covid all over the place. They are preparing as though we are going into a winter… I’m just gonna say this. They are making preparations as though we’re going into a winter where we don’t have 65% of the population vaccinated and, therefore, at very little risk of hospitalization and death, as well as 150 million, give or take — 20 or 50 million, who knows? — who have had covid.

CLAY: Right.

BUCK: We should be feeling much, much better about this in so many ways. But all you have to do is see the way they’re setting up all these testing sites and just the bureaucracy around this. I mean, Clay, there are universities where you have to test every week, even if you are vaccinated, just as a matter of course! They’re making people do this. I know at Duke they’re doing it. There’s some other schools that are doing it, too.

CLAY: We were making fun of Stanford because they have 100% vaccination rate on campus and then they’re still requiring you, if you are in the campus gym, to be wearing a mask while you play basketball on run on a treadmill. So everything that you were sold and that we were sold by the Biden administration, “Hey, get your vaccine!

“You’ll never have to worry about testing positive, you’ll never have to worry about going to the hospital, you’ll never have to worry about dying with covid.” That’s not true, such that Joe Biden just right now live on television, Buck, we talked about on Friday that he would get it soon. Well, he went ahead and got it, he got his covid booster shot as a, what, 78-year-old, I believe. He went ahead and got that done. And the question that’s hanging out there — and I think it’s a good one — is how many more booster shots are you gonna have to get?

BUCK: This is gonna be years. People are gonna do this for years now. There are gonna be those who just accept that they’re gonna get their covid shot. And, by the way, I think it could be every six months, not even every year. They’re just gonna try to top off my immunity, top off my immunity, as if —

CLAY: And, by the way, at some point that starts to decline in effectiveness.

BUCK: Yeah, of course! Also, at some point these are your immune systems, folks! We shouldn’t be just rolling the dice on some of this stuff with our sixth or seventh shot.

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