Train like Thor, Pet that's Most excited to have You Home, & More!

Shakespeare from your couch …The Globe Theater in London is letting you stream Shakespeare plays online. You can rent a performance for about $7, buy one for $14, and even send one as a gift. (Insider)

A good time to adopt a pet …Animal shelters all across the country are struggling right now -- with workers and potential adopters not coming in because of social distancing. But many shelters have set up “social distancing-friendly adoptions” by setting up individual adoption appointments, offering webcam “meet and greets,” and even drive-up adoptions. Now is the perfect time to help these shelters – and have some great company while you’re at home – by adopting or fostering a pet. (Glamour)  

Speaking of adopting or fostering a pet ...Cat food brand Smalls is encouraging people to adopt cats right now through their new "Foster With Smalls" initiative. If you foster a cat while you're staying at home, the company will give you 30 days of food as well as some cat toys. "If you are able to foster a cat during this time, we're here for you," Smalls wrote on their Instagram page. "Being a short-term foster to a cat in need is a great way to help while staying safe at home (and the kitty cuddles are a solid bonus). Smalls is proud to sponsor new cat foster families with 30 days of human-grade nutrition, care, and play products. DM us or with relevant paperwork, and we'll take care of the rest." (Pop Sugar)

One more animal story ...How happy are your pets that you are staying home with them? Seems a Dachshund named Rolo was so happy his humans were home with him that he actually sprained his tail -- from wagging so much. (Insider)

See 10, Do 10 ...Social distancing isn’t stopping fitness fanatics from working out. Plenty of gyms are providing free workouts for people to do right in their living rooms, and Arnold Schwarzenegger even made his no gym workout routine available on Instagram for everyone, including beginner and expert options. If that’s still not enough motivation for you, look no further than your own social media feed. The “See 10, Do 10” challenge is making the rounds on both Facebook and Instagram -- and all you have to do is take a photo or video of yourself doing 10 pushups, or 10 of any exercise, and tag friends you want to challenge. It’s not only helping people stay connected, but it’s motivating people to actually workout From burpees to squats, you could get a new challenge every day if you keep the chain going. (Today)

Speaking of working out ...Now you can train like Thor -- from the comfort of your home. Chris Hemsworth has released his fitness app Centr for free for six weeks, if you subscribe between now and March 31st. He posted an Instagram video on Monday where he announced the app's six-week free trial. He wrote: "Centr was founded to make health and happiness accessible to all, and I hope that this will make that access even easier during the current health crisis." (Insider)