Randoms-Ohio State Study Finds how often We think about Food/Sex, & More!

Me time over we time …Seems when it comes to having a happy and healthy relationship, making sure you have enough “me time” is crucial. A new survey found that 85% of respondents say getting time for themselves on a regular basis is key to a happy relationship. 82% said getting time to themselves actually makes their relationship stronger. And 58% of those surveyed said they actively encourage their partners to spend time by themselves.

How much "me time" is enough? According to the survey, the ideal amount of me time is 51 minutes a day … or about six hours per week. And get this – according to survey respondents, me time is more important than having date nights with their partner.

Here are the Top 10 Me Time Activities"

  1. Watching TV or movie -- 60%
  2. Reading a book -- 56%
  3. Listening to a podcast -- 42%
  4. Exercising -- 38%
  5. Savoring a cup of coffee/tea -- 34%
  6. Having a meal alone -- 34%
  7. Going out dancing -- 33%
  8. Shopping -- 32%
  9. Going for a walk/leisurely stroll -- 32%
  10. Getting my hair done  -- 31%

And according to the survey, here are the Top 10 Situations That Trigger More Me Time: 

  1. Stress at work -- 50%
  2. The holidays -- 47%
  3. Stress at home -- 47%
  4. Having family in town -- 45%
  5. Lack of sleep -- 38%
  6. Being sick -- 36%
  7. A sick child  -- 30%
  8. A death in the family -- 28%
  9. A sick partner/spouse -- 28%
  10. Getting fired -- 25%

Are the holidays a time for a digital detox?A survey by Groupon found that 80% of parents would be willing to go on a “digital detox” to be more present with their families this holiday season. And nearly 80% of those surveyed say they want a break from their devices over the holidays. Maybe this is why: 72% of the parents surveyed admitted that they reach for their phones as soon as they wake up on Christmas morning, and 86% said their kids had complained that they spend too much time on their phones. (SWNS)

So how many times a day do men actually think about sex? A study from Ohio State University found that men think about sex an average of 19 times a day. They also think about food a lot. The study found that men think about food 18 times a day. Women, on the other hand, thought about sex an average of 10 times a day and food 15 times a day. (The Frisky)

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