Joe Burrow's Emotional Heisman speech Touched, Inspired us all

After he was named the second LSU player ever to win the Heisman Trophy, Joe Burrow made a tear-jerking speech that resonated with viewers across the nation.

His speech included thanking his offensive line, parents and coaches — but one thing he mentioned had nothing to do with football, only humanity. "Coming from southeast Ohio it’s a very impoverished area and the poverty rate is almost two times the national average," Burrow said, fighting back tears. 

"There’s so many people there that don’t have a lot and I’m up here for all those kids in Athens and Athens County that go home to not a lot of food on the table, hungry after school. You guys can be up here, too."

Since his speech, donations have been pouring in to the Athens County Food Pantry with fans hoping to make a difference.

As of Monday morning — less than 48 hours after his win — a fundraiser launched on social media by Burrow's high school football team has raised over $55,000 to feed the hungry in southeast Ohio.

And it doesn't stop there. One Louisiana native started a second account to aid the impoverished in Burrow's hometown, raking in over $5,500 by Monday morning.

At less than 50-cents per meal, the Athens County Food Pantry provides 9,000 meals a month on average. If you do the math, Burrow's speech has essentially provided over 126,000 meals in just 36 hours.

Well Done Joe Burrow!


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