Randoms-Wanna Live Longer, Healthier? Get a Dog; America's Favorite Veggie

Want to live longer and be healthier? Get a dog. A study from Uppsala University in Sweden found that dog owners live longer and have better heart health than those who don’t have a dog. And the reasons why are pretty simple. Dog owners tend to get more exercise – by taking their dogs for walks -- and they are less likely to feel lonely or isolated.

What’s your favorite vegetable? According to a new survey, if you’re like most people, the answer is corn. 91.4% of respondents said corn was their favorite vegetable, followed closely by potatoes.

Here are the Top 5 most popular veggies:

1. Corn – 91.4%

2. Potatoes – 91.2%

3. Carrots and tomatoes (tied) --- 89%

4. Onions and green beans (tied) – 87%

5. Cucumbers -- 86%

And get this … According to the survey, 25% of respondents say they’ve NEVER eaten a vegetable … at all. And of those who do eat vegetables, the average person only has vegetables in about one-third of their meals. 

72% of those polled admit they wish they ate more vegetables than they do, and 67% say they feel guilty when they don’t have any veggies with their meal. (Study Finds)

Dating attitudes haven’t changed that much …A newsurveyrevealed that 78% of heterosexual couples still believe men should pay for the first date. (Rewire)

Speaking of dating …A company namedPerchancewants people to go back to dating the old-fashioned way … OFFline. Perchance hosts “mixers” where singles can mingle – and actually meet in person. There are three rules: No phones, no work talk, and you can only buy drinks for other people. (Best Life)

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