Lil Nas X's Old Town Road now so Popular Street Signs w/ Same Title Missing

The popularity of “Old Town Road” has been great for the artists involved, but the chart-topping hit has caused an unexpected problem for a New England town.

Wellesley in the Boston area has been dealing with a string of petty crimes from fans of theLil Nas X song. So far, the street sign for an actual Old Town Road has been swiped half a dozen times. People have stolen the sign as well as the metal pole it's mounted on.

Replacing the sign costs around $250 plus installation. It seems as if the powers that be in Wellesley have stopped replacing the road marker until the popularity of the song dies down a little.

A local official,Stephanie Hawkinson, says the cost to the town is significant and the missing sign could make it tough for first responders responding to emergencies if they are not familiar with the area. (Boston Globe)

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