Randoms-Fashion Faux Pas for First Dates, Red Wine Chilled, & More

Party schools …So it turns out plenty of kids go to college … to party. A new survey of college graduates revealed that 27% of respondents said their main reason for going to college was to party. (The Ladders)

Plane attire …American Airlines has apologized after flight attendants asked a Houston doctor to “cover up” on a flight. Dr. Latisha “Tish” Rowe was wearing a romper on her recent flight from Jamaica to Miami when flight attendants pulled her aside and told her what she was wearing was “too distracting” and that she needed to cover up. According to Dr. Rowe, she was told if she did not have acceptable attire, she and her 8-year-old son would not be allowed to fly. She ended up having to wrap herself up in a blanket. Rowe tweeted about the incident and included a photo of what she was wearing. (People)

  • What do you consider “appropriate” plane attire? What do you typically wear when flying?
  • If you're flying to or from a vacation spot, especially a tropical one, isn't it more likely that people dress more casually or in resort or beach attire?
  • Are we all just too casual when flying these days? Should we go back to the times when people actually dressed up for a flight? Or, is that ridiculous considering how cramped and uncomfortable most flights are?

Should red wine be chilled? Seems a lot of red wine lovers switch to drinking white or rosé in the summer months, and according to a new survey, one in three wine drinkers don’t even know you CAN drink red chilled. Wine experts say certain reds, like Pinot Noir, are actually better cold – especially in the summer months. But not everyone is on board. 36% of respondents said it was “completely wrong” to drink chilled red wine. Almost 50% have never even tried red wine chilled and 29% think it's against wine etiquette. (SWNS)

Fashion faux pas …Wondering what to wear on a first date? According to a survey by dating app Zoosk, 69% of singles say that the best way to make a good first impression is simply to look "nice and presentable." Oh, and definitely avoid these looks, which respondents said are major fashion faux pas:

  1. Wrinkled clothes – 66%
  2. Socks and sandals – 55%
  3. Crocs – 53%
  4. Baggy clothes – 50%
  5. Granny panties – 45%
  6. Board shorts/swimwear – 45%
  7. Dressing too young for your age – 44%
  8. Pants that are too short/long – 39%
  9. Low-rise/slung pants – 38%
  10. Super tight shirts – 34%

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