Randoms-We're Halfway thru the Year, Zombie Drivers, Postal Worker Day

Second Half of the Year Day: July 1st is the 182nd day of the year – which means half of 2019 is over.

  • How's your year going so far? Have you achieved any of the goals you set for yourself? Any chance you can set the reset button for the second half of the year?

Postal Worker Day: A day to appreciate your mail carrier or post office worker.

International Joke Day: A good day to tell a joke.

Do you snoop on your partner’s phone?A new survey found that 20% of respondents say they have snooped on their significant other’s phone. And 73% of those who have say they don’t feel bad about it. 33% say their snooping has uncovered something they were already suspicious of. 18% said they found something they hadn’t suspected.

But not everyone is a phone snooper. 45% of respondents say they have never looked through their partner’s phone. 50% say they think they should be able to look at their partner’s phone – but only if they ask. 28% say that when you are in a relationship you should be able to access your partner’s phone. 9% say phones should remain private. (The Ladders)

Meat that tastes like a carrot?While other fast food chains are adding plant-based “meat” alternatives to its menus, Arby’s is embracing its stance that it will never offer meat alternatives. And to emphasize their point, they have created the first meat vegetable – or “megetable.” It’s turkey meat that is shaped, colored and flavored like a carrot. According to a company statement: “Arby’s announced today its exploration into this new form of protein that looks like a vegetable and contains vitamin content found in a raw vegetable -- but is made of meat.” The “Marrot” looks like a real carrot – but is made with a turkey breast and dried carrot juice powder.Why not just have turkey and a real carrot? (Food and Wine)

Are you a zombie driver?According to a new survey, 27% of respondents admit to zoning out behind the wheel. The average respondent said they zoned out while driving about 4 times a week. 43% say it happens most often on long drives. 55% say they feel like they often drive on autopilot. The survey found that “zombie driving” typically occurs when drivers have a lot on their mind (49%), are driving while tired (42%) or driving on a stretch of road they’re familiar with (40%). (SWNS)

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