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Another day, another sleep study … although this one is being called the “world’s largest sleep study.” Neuroscientists from the Brain and Mind Institute at Western University in Canada tracked the sleep habits of more than 40,000 people across the globe and found that sleeping for seven to eight hours a night  -- no more than that, and no less than that -- is the optimum amount of sleep for our brain -- and will help our bodies function the best during the day. (Independent

Ultrasound nail art … Getting the first ultrasound photo of your baby, especially if it’s your first baby, is exciting. It’s so exciting you usually want to share it with the world. For some women, posting to social media just isn’t enough, though. The latest trend is women wearing their baby’s ultrasound photo ... as nail art. The trend is called #ultrasoundnails and it’s becoming so popular your nail tech likely won’t even bat an eye when you ask her to replicate the photo into your manicure. (Cosmo

Social media style … If Instagram is life, you probably spend a good amount of time thinking about the clothes you’re wearing in every selfie you post ... and you’re not alone. According to a new survey, wearing the same thing on social media is worse than wearing the same outfit over and over again in public. In fact, 1 in 10 people are actually throwing out their clothing after being seen in them three times in social media photos. And the craziest part of the survey is that the clothes they toss are going in the garbage rather than being donated. This is actually causing a huge influx of clothing clogging up landfills, and experts are calling it an environmental crisis. This should be a no-brainer, but if you’re planning on tossing an outfit because it’s been “seen” too many times, donate it instead. (Buzz 60)  

There’s nothing new about pumpkin spice … Scientists have discovered that nutmeg -- which is a key ingredient of pumpkin spice -- was being used as a food ingredient in some islands in the Pacific about 3,500 years ago ... which is about 3,485 years before Starbucks rolled out their Pumpkin Spice Lattes. (Smithsonian

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