Randoms-Give Someone the Ultimate Scare for Halloween & More!

Want to scare someone this Halloween? Send them doughnuts … delivered by scary clown. Yep. Hurts’ Donut Company has a scary clown doughnut delivery service. For only $5 -- and the cost of a box of doughnuts -- you can have a scary clown – think Pennywise from It -- deliver doughnuts to your friends, family, co-workers or anyone else you want to terrify. (The Ladders

Does covering for co-workers stress you out? A new survey found that the average American employee’s workload increases by nearly a third when covering for a co-worker, and 53 percent say covering for a co-worker is stressful. Not only that, but 37 percent of workers resent having to deal with a co-worker’s tasks while they are on vacation or out of the office. That resentment might explain why 40 percent of survey respondents said they’ve “phoned it in” when covering for a co-worker and didn’t care if the job was done well or not. Not surprisingly, 51 percent of workers say they should get paid more when covering for a co-worker. But don’t hate on that co-worker who's taking time off. 56 percent of those surveyed say they feel guilty when they go on vacation and their responsibilities get dumped on a co-worker. (SWNS

Need a confidence boost? It’s really the little things that can make the most impact. A new survey found that our top three confidence boosters are: Getting a new haircut, wearing a new outfit, and doing a good deed for somebody.

Here are Americans' Top 10 Confidence Boosters:

  1. New haircut -- 64 percent
  2. Wearing a new outfit -- 56 percent
  3. Doing a good deed -- 53 percent
  4. Listening to one of your favorite songs -- 44 percent
  5. Exercising -- 38 percent
  6. Shopping -- 36 percent
  7. Talking to a close friend -- 35 percent
  8. Receiving a compliment from your boss -- 35 percent
  9. Knowing you smell good -- 34 percent
  10. Talking to a family member -- 33 percent (SWNS

If you prefer your cinnamon rolls in liquid, boozy form … then do we have great news for you! Cinnabon Creme Liqueur is a thing. Yep, your mall favorite is now available as alcohol. Coffee just got a whole lot sweeter … (The Daily Beast

Don’t stress your pimples … they could indicate future success. Plenty of teenagers deal with acne and none of them would say that it’s a good thing. But, a new study says there are benefits to dealing with pimples. It seems those who struggle with teenage acne end up with higher grades, higher levels of educational achievement and -- in the end -- higher earnings. (Knoxville News Sentinel

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