The Randoms-It's Leon Day, Cup or Cone, Cheap Cities to Party In

National Leon Day: Nope, this isn't a day to recognize people named Leon – although I’m sure they would appreciate some love today. But Leon Day actually recognizes June 25th as being six months away from Christmas Day. Leon is Noel spelled backward. So … get out there and do some Christmas shopping?!



Millennials getting money from their parents … New research has revealed that 53 percent of American Millennials have gotten financial assistance from their parents since turning 21. These Millennials are getting help from their folks for expenses like phones (41 percent), rent (40 percent), gas and groceries (32 percent) and health insurance (32 percent). 37 percent said they get cash from their parents monthly, and 59 percent said they get money a couple of times a year. 35 percent of Millennials said they were still living with their parents. (Moneyish)


Cup or cone? A survey found that 54 percent of people prefer their ice cream in in a cone than a cup.


Speaking of summer treats ... Bring on vodka freezer pops! A company has developed -- and maybe perfected -- the vodka freezer pop. Slim Chillers Vodka Martini Skinny Freezers clock in at only 100 calories, with flavors such as Appletini and Lemon Drop. Not a bad way to cool down when you're being baked by the sun. (The Takeout)


More partying for your dollar … If you have some vacation time to burn this summer, there are plenty of places you can travel to here in the states.

But, it might actually be worth your while to travel overseas, as long as you pick a city that’s cheap to party in.

Here’s a rundown of the top five cheapest cities -- and how much it costs for a night on the town:

5. Tokyo, Japan -- $58.04

4. Prague, Czech Republic -- $46.29

3. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil -- $44.07

2. Moscow, Russia -- $26.56

1. Mexico City, Mexico -- $20.35

As a comparison, it costs $78 to party in New York City and $87 to party in Miami. (Business Insider)

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