The Randoms-Average Unfinished DIY Projects Americans have

Now that it’s summer, you may want to finish that home-improvement project …A new survey by revealed that the average American home has 9 unfinished DIY jobs and 32 percent of homeowners have been putting off at least one home improvement job for a year or more. Painting is the number one job people have been putting off, with 55 percent saying it was on their to-do list. This was followed by remodeling the bathroom (33 percent), installing new flooring (28 percent), landscaping (27 percent) and a kitchen remodel (27 percent). (SWNS Digital)


Building a better avocado … Avocados are great, but they are kind of high maintenance, aren't they? You have to buy them just as they're ripening -- and then eat them quickly before they go bad. Well, a new company called Apeel -- that was partly financed by Bill Gates -- has developed an edible coating that makes avocados last twice as long … as long as you don’t open one up. When you slice open these special avocados, you break the shield -- and at that point they end up turning brown, just as fast as normal avocados. And then … guacamole for everyone! (Business Insider)


Purse or no purse? New York stylist Rebecca Alaniz recently wrote a piece for Cosmopolitan explaining why she hates carrying a purse. She had an epiphany while lugging bags around the city for clients when she realized her oversized purse was just a bag full of extra junk to carry -- so she just stopped doing it. Apparently, she hasn't looked back and loves life without a purse. (Cosmo)

Talk About It:

  • She's certainly got a point. Lugging a purse around is a hassle. How many times have you been at a crowded bar trying to juggle your drink, purse, jacket and phone -- all while wearing uncomfortable heels?           
  • At the same time, a purse can be a lifesaver  -- there's always lipstick or lip balm in a purse, you never have to go looking for your license, wallet, credit cards or phone -- because they're always in the same place --and you can carry around snacks and gum at all times.           
  • If women's clothing was made with actual usable pockets, things might be totally different!
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