The Randoms-The Item to Avoid for the 4th of July & More!

4th Of July Celebrated In Washington, D.C. With Annual Fireworks Display

Are you named after someone famous?

James Corden named his son after Paul McCartney. As he explained in an interview with USA Today: "I was trying to get Paul to do a charity sketch and I said to him, 'If you'll do this, I will name my unborn child after you.' And he said, 'Deal. I'll do it.' So when my son, Max, was born, we called him Max McCartney Corden, and I sent Paul a picture of the birth certificate saying, 'I'm good for my word.' Paul just thought it was insane and ridiculous, and a week later, this beautiful blanket arrived that was embroidered, 'To Max, from one McCartney to another. Love, Your Uncle Paul.' It really tells you everything you need to know about the man. It was quite wonderful."



It’s Freckling Season. Have you heard of freckling? It’s basically a new name for the good old summer fling. The summer sun causes freckles … which fade in the fall. That's why "freckling" is the name given for those intense, but short-lived summer romances that end just before the holiday "cuffing season" starts in the fall. (The Sun)


Are Millennials cheap? A new study revealed that Millennials are the worst tippers. The study, by, found that 10 percent of Americans ages 18 to 37 leave no tip at all when dining out and 30 percent of that age group leaves less than 15 percent. Just 35 percent of Millennials leave a tip of 20 percent or more. So who are the best tippers? That would be seniors. According to the study, 55 percent of those 65 and up routinely leave tips of 20 percent or more. (


History is off limits … When it comes to privacy, people are more open about their finances that their web surfing. According to a survey by Personal Capital, 60 percent of Americans polled said they would rather share financial statements with their partners than their browser history. Broken down by gender, 65 percent of men said they’d rather share their bank statements than their web browsing history, compared to 55 percent of women. (PRNewswire)


This will ruin your Fourth of July BBQ … All it takes is one double dipper -- just one -- and microbiologists claim you open yourself up to contracting noro-virus, strep and even herpes! On a recent episode of British reality show Food Unwrapped, experts claimed that it takes just one person to have contaminated saliva to create a petri dish inside your favorite dip -- especially if it contains sour cream. In just an hour, the bacteria or virus in a contaminated dip can nearly double. It's one thing to double and triple dip when you're at home by yourself, but next time you are hosting a party or you are invited to a party -- steer clear of the chips and dips. You never know who might be double dipping! (Daily Mail)

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