The Randoms-Earn $3500 in 12 Days...Just one Catch!

Sick days … for money. Researchers at St. Louis University are paying volunteers $3,500 and a free stay at local hotel for 12 days -- with catered meals. The catch? You have to be willing to be exposed to the flu in order to test a new flu vaccine. Volunteers will either get a vaccine shot or a placebo and then get exposed to the virus through a nasal spray. If you don't mind possibly suffering through a bout of the flu, this seems like a pretty good deal. According to reports, "The university spent about $350,000 to convert 24 hotel rooms at the Salus Center into a quarantined medical unit, equipped with reading nooks and game tables for socializing.” (WFSB)


Are you taking a summer vacation this year? Sadly, a lot of us aren’t. A new survey by financial website found that nearly half of Americans are skipping a trip this year. While 11 percent of people said they are too busy at work to go away, the number one reason Americans aren't taking time off is because they can't afford to. 24 percent of respondents said they are too strapped for cash to go on vacation. Experts say even if you can't afford to go away you should always take your time off -- even if you spend your time vegging out at home. Working through your vacation time isn't healthy ... and is a surefire way to get burned out at your job. (USA Today)


Higher housing prices = fewer babies. A report by real estate website revealed that with housing prices rising, couples are choosing to have fewer kids. This was especially true in California -- with L.A. County, San Diego County, Orange County and Alameda County all seeing rising home prices and fewer births. After California, cities seeing the biggest drop in birth rates due to an expensive housing market include Chicago, Philadelphia, Seattle, Austin, Edison, N.J., and New York. (Market Watch)


Want to make more money? Hit the gym. A new study found that people who exercise regularly are not only happier -- but they make more money than their couch potato counterparts. And it's not just a little more money. According to the survey, by fitness app Freeletics, those who say they exercise regularly reported making about $75,000 on average, while respondents who admitted they never exercise made about $50,000. $25,000 more just because they exercise? Sounds like it's time to go for a jog. Need more convincing? The survey also found that people who exercise regularly also have more sex. (SWNS Digital)

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