The Randoms-Proof You Can Buy ANYTHING from Amazon

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Summer just got better … because wine kegs are a thing. Yep, Bridge Lane, a wine label based in Long Island, New York, offers five wine kegs filled with either chardonnay, rosé , white merlot, sauvignon blanc, or a red blend. One keg contains 19.5 liters of wine – roughly 26 bottles. The kegs costs $240, but you don’t have to live in New York to get one. They can be purchased online and delivered to your doorstep through Lieb Cellars, the winery that owns the label. (Pop Sugar)


You really can buy anything on Amazon … even a house. Yep, Amazon is selling a prefab tiny house -- for $36,000. And, yes, it will be delivered to your door.  The 360-square-foot house is made from a shipping container. It’s fully furnished, insulated, and has heat and AC. It has a bedroom, bathroom, small kitchen with appliances, and a living area. All you need is a slab to place it on and sewage, water, and electricity connections. (Pop Sugar)


Killing time … According to a new study, we waste an average of 42 minutes each day doing stuff like waiting for friends, standing in line, sitting in traffic and watching the microwave cook our food. That’s the equivalent of 11 days each year. The survey also found that if we were able get back all that wasted time, 27 percent of us would like to learn a new instrument, 13 percent would write a novel, 15 percent would exercise and 6 percent would master a martial art. (BroBible)


Single struggles ... Dating is hard. Whether you’ve been single for a while and are a pro at the scene or you’re just breaking back into it again, there’s no escaping the work it takes to find someone you click with. A recent trending post on Reddit asked singles what their biggest dating struggles are. Here's what real people looking for love had to say: 

  • Online dating
  • Flirting and trying to read social cues
  • Ghosting
  • Tinder -- it's so superficial.
  • It’s almost impossible to meet someone in person so you are forced to use dating apps.

Your turn ... What do you think are the biggest struggles with dating?

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