DIY: Woman Delivers Own Baby with help from GOOGLE

A Nashville, Tennessee, woman traveling to Stuttgart, Germany, thought she had a case of food poisoning after she forgot to ask for a vegetarian meal on her flight.

Tia Freeman, who said she did not know she was pregnant until her seventh month, gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Xavier Ata Freeman, in the bathtub of her Istanbul, Turkey, hotel room.

She left the airport and headed to her hotel, all the while experiencing the mysterious pains. Once inside her hotel room, she realized that she was indeed in labor.

Scared that a hospital wouldn't take her insurance overseas, Freeman decided to take the risk and try to deliver her baby herself, so she went back on the internet to figure out how to give birth alone, she said. She headed to the bathroom and sat in the tub.

“I look up YouTube videos and begin gathering what little supplies I have,” she said. “I time my contractions using my iPhone and then begin to push.”

At 8:29 p.m. on March 7, her little boy, Xavier Ata Freeman, was born.

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