A Hit & Run Crash Turns into One being Chased w/ a Hammer

Like anyone who's been driving for awhile, I've seen some crazy things in my time.  Everything from the typical cutting someone off, no use of blinkers, no "Thank You's" after letting someone in front of you.  I even had someone throw their 7-11 Big Gulp at my car on the freeway!  I mean, what a waste of a Big Gulp!  

But the video below is an all new low of "What is WRONG with People"?!  Someone in an SUV crashes into two other cars, or at least is the culprit of the accident.  Then decides it would be best to leave the scene in broad daylight!   Serious, you cannot make this stuff up!  I don't know where this person thought they were going or how they actually convinced themselves they would be able to get away with it but the best part, ok more so, over the line would be the dude who whips out his hammer to get this person to stop! Enjpy!


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