Monday Randoms-Best Times to Fly & How Most Feel about Xmas

Working moms have been a thing since ancient times … While it might seem like women have only been balancing full-time jobs and motherhood for a short time -- since the 1960s maybe? -- scientists at the University of Cambridge have discovered that women in ancient times were also juggling work and family. It seems that women living 7,000 years ago had upper bodies as strong as elite athletes today because they were working hard, spending their days farming, all while trying to keep the kids fed and safe. (The Verge)


Bah humbug … According to a new survey, 33 percent of respondents say they wish they could just skip the holiday season so they didn’t have to spend money on gifts. 35 percent of Millennials say they want to skip the gift-giving and use the money for something else. And 25 percent of Millennials say if they do get gifts, they’d prefer to get households essentials -- like toilet paper and paper towels -- so they didn’t have to buy those things themselves. Fa la la? (Moneyish


Holiday travel tip … You may have to get to the airport before the sun comes up, but the best time to fly is in the early morning. That’s because early morning flights are less likely to be delayed. According to data from FiveThirtyEight, the best time to fly is between 6 and 7 in the morning. After that, delay times build up and reach their peak around 6 p.m. (Travel and Leisure)


So Christmas tree hair is a thing now … Forget Christmas sweaters. Now your hair can be the most festive part of your outfit. Christmas tree hair is hair styled into a cone shape and then decorated with ornaments. Some are taking it even further by dying their hair green and adding lights. Check out #ChristmasTreeHair for inspiration. (Woman’s Day

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