Monday Randoms-Most Popular Room where People do Their Shopping


Space face … A tattoo artist in Michigan is tattooing star signs in her clients’ freckles. Jessica Knapik is taking the whole freckle trend to a whole new level by inking constellations on the face, which she calls Astrofrecks. Don’t worry. The face art is not permanent and is designed to look exactly like natural freckles. So even people who have second thoughts about their decision to get inked on the face just have to wait for things to fade. (Bustle)


Girls make boys smarter … A new study from the Netherlands has found that boys get better grades when their classes have more girls in them. Researchers from Utrecht University looked at the reading test scores of more than 200,000 15-year-olds from over 8,000 co-ed schools all over the world, and found that the boys’ scores were higher when more than 60% of their classmates were girls. Why? Researchers theorize that girls not only concentrate better in class but they are also more motivated to read. They believe this has a positive influence on the boys in their classes. (Moneyish


Shopping on the toilet … A new survey has revealed that nearly half of us will be doing our Christmas shopping this year … on the toilet. Yep, according to the 2017 PayPal Money Habits survey, 80% of Americans plan to shop from their mobile devices this season, and 46% said they’ll be shopping while sitting on the john – a 24% increase from last year. A few more stats: 49% say they will be Christmas shopping in bed … with their significant other sleeping right next to them. 42% will do their shopping at the office. (Moneyish


Why have a real Christmas tree or even a fake one … when you can have a wine bottle Christmas tree! Wine bottle trees are the latest trend taking over Instagram, and they are basically a bunch of empty wine bottles shaped like a Christmas tree. The best part? Your tree can continue to grow in size on your countdown to Christmas. Sounds like the perfect reason to have some friends over to "decorate" the tree. (Delish)


Speaking of wine … This will help you get more bottles for your wine bottle Christmas tree … According to a study by Washington State University, drinking wine can help you lose weight. The catch? You need to stick to a max of two glasses and drink it in the evening. (Delish


Pet Pajamas … Just in time for the holidays, you and your dog can now get matching pajamas. Canine clothing company Fabdog has introduced a bunch of matching puppy and human PJs. (People

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