This will make for happier mornings … According to a new survey, the best time to get it on is 7:30 in the morning. Yep, you should do it at 7:30 a.m. … or, 45 minutes after waking up. Morning romps release endorphins – your feel good hormones – and will lower your blood pressure and stress levels for the rest of the day. (Indy 100


Speaking of getting it on … According to a saucy new survey by Yelp, pizza is the best snack after a hook-up. Tacos came in a distant second. The survey also found that the biggest turn-off after a hook-up is someone with terrible eating habits like loud chewing or eating with their mouth open. (Cosmo


Buying in bulk for the bride … and baby. Costco just announced that they are partnering with to offer bridal and baby registries that even non-members can order off of. (Today


Now you know … According to scientists at Utah State University, the optimal amount of time to dunk an Oreo cookie in 2% milk before eating it is three seconds. Also, there is no benefit in dunking the Oreo more than four seconds, because it only takes four seconds for the cookie to be maxed out. (Mental Floss)


Buy it when you want it ... Jewelry industry insiders have noticed a trend over the past few years … Women are buying more and more jewelry for themselves. It used to be that sales of jewelry would spike in winter, around Christmas and Valentine’s Day. That's not the case anymore. Seems sales remain pretty constant all 12 months of the year, thanks to women buying stuff for themselves, whenever they want, instead of waiting for a man to buy it for them as a gift. (Forbes)