TeeRoy's 2 Cents: RUMOR REPORT

All the gossip, dirt and drama on Hollywood, hip-hop and R&B’s top stars:

Here’s a scandalous rumor for you — it sounds like Diddy’s girlfriend and Steve Harvey’s daughter,Lori Harvey, may be pregnant. The two were spotted at the Cabo San Lucas airport, where paparazzi captured shots of Diddy rubbing his lady’s belly. She also rubbed her own tummy at one point. What all that means is open to interpretation — there’s one camp that thinks this is surefire proof that she’s got a bun in the oven. Then there are others who think the only thing it’s a sign of is her stomach was bothering her. 

If you were planning to move into one ofKanye West’s new domes, you’re gonna need to find other accommodations. The new housing prototypes Yeezy erected in Calabasas were ripped down a week ahead of a deadline issued by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works for violating building codes. He might have gotten away with it, too, if he didn’t piss off his neighbors with construction seven days a week. Getting the proper permits also would have been a big help. 

MC Lyte was hit with a lawsuit for failing to pay an artist who was reportedly hired as an artist, animator and writer for the raper’s entertainment management and production company, Sunni Gyrl. He alleges he’s owed $38,375 for 1,228 hours he worked without pay. The only compensation Christopher Smith says he received was a check for $11,250 that bounced. 

Bobby Brown was kicked off a flight in Boston for allegedly being too drunk. While the singer admits to some pre-flight boozing, he says he was completely cooperative in the boarding process, and stayed calm when told he couldn’t have a drink. The good news is, he deplaned without incident or any sort of charges. Brown was offered the chance to take a later flight but declined and opted for a refund instead. 

Meek Mill really knows all about Wins & Losses. Just the other day, he apparently lost $70,000 in the casino. Early Monday morning, he tweeted from New Orleans that he felt “sick” after losing so much money. 

GUESS WHO? This New York rapper recently went to the "City of Brotherly Love," Philadelphia to tape an episode for the upcoming season four of his Viceland travel show,[Eff]That's Delicious. Can you guess who? The answer is... Action Bronson