GAME OF THRONES: A Venti-Sized Mistake

TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

  • So they can have flying dragons but not Starbucks?
  • Daenerys probably takes her coffee black. She's a badass.
  • But if it were Sansa, it'd be some half-caff soy latte with a vanilla shot.
  • They can't even spell my name right at Starbucks. Imagine what Daenerys actually came out as.

Winter is here, but perhaps Daenerys wanted to warm up with a hot cup of Starbucks coffee.

Eagle-eyed viewers noted that a Starbucks cup was left on a table during a pivotal scene in last night's (Sunday) show. If you want to check it out on TV, look for it at about 17:30 in.