Suge Knight's Former Lawyers Arrested For Trying To Bribe Witnesses

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that two of Suge Knight's former attorneys, Matthew Fletcher and Thaddeus Culpepper, have been arrested for allegedly attempting to bribe witnesses in Knight's murder case. 

Authorities are accusing the two of being "accessories after the fact," which is a felony. Fletcher was at the Long Beach courthouse when he was arrested at approximately 2:00pm on Thursday (Jan. 25). Culpepper was taken into custody at about 5:00pm. Both are now being held on $1 million bail.

"In August, Los Angeles County prosecutors alleged that Fletcher, Culpepper, Knight and others tampered with witnesses and discussed bribes connected to the rap impresario's murder case. The allegations were detailed in a 22-page court filing," the L.A. Times reads. Both lawyers have since denied these claims.

These attorneys' allegations stem from Knight's upcoming murder trial, which is scheduled for later this year, where the former rap mogul will face a judge and jurors after running over two men in a vehicle in 2015 on the set of a Straight Outta Compton promotional shoot and killing one of them. Knight claims he was acting in self defense. 

Photo: Getty Images


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