Young Girl Loses It Upon Learning Lady Gaga Wasn't The Super Bowl Performer

Lady Gaga would take the stage at every Super Bowl halftime show if three-year-old fan Alba had her way. Unfortunately, the NFL does not revolve around Little Monsters and the young fan learned that the hard way when she tuned into Super Bowl LI on Sunday (February 4). 

In a new viral video, which was posted by Alba's mother, viewers see the little one getting pumped to watch Mother Monster hit the stage once again during Sunday's show. However, the three-year-old from Illinois entirely switches her mood once she learns that Justin Timberlake was this year's selected performer for the championship game. "You just gave me a million reasons to not stay and dance," Alba says in the clip, referencing Gaga's last hit, "Million Reasons."

"I'm guessing, [that] came from Lady Gaga's performance of that song last year and our recent practising of it for Alba's next singing video," the mother wrote in a post about the clip. "She then stormed away & wouldn’t watch anymore that night. We did finally watch Justin's halftime show the following night, & it was great. So no disrespect to him, Alba was only upset that she wasn’t going to see a new Lady Gaga show."

Earlier this week, Super Bowl LI halftime show producer Ricky Kirshner finally broke his silence regarding the 11-song set, which saw JT receive less than stellar reviews for including a projection duet of Prince's "I Would Die 4 U." "They absolutely gave us the audio and authorized Warner Bros. to give us the footage," he admitted. "The idea was to pay tribute to the original Prince banner that we had done 11 years ago — and it was a bit harder to do it with the blowing fans like we did in Miami from a production point of view. But from the way we hung it — not being a tight projection screen and making it look like a banner — and ending it the way we did was a tribute to the way he did it 11 years ago."

As for whether or not Timberlake had a hologram of the Purple Wonder incorporated in his set at one point, Kirshner cleared the air and confirmed that "there was never an idea to have a hologram." 

Photo: Getty Images