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A Hotel In Space Could Be Operational In The Next Few Years! Would You Go?

Artwork of a space hotel

Photo: MARK GARLICK/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY / Science Photo Library / Getty Images

If someone else paid for it…would you stay at a hotel in space?

So, 2 space hotels are actually in the works… Voyager Station and a more recently announced Pioneer Station.

· Voyager Station will be able to accommodate 400 guests.

· While Pioneer Station would house only 28 at a time—but could be operational sooner!

· Guests would be expected to stay as little as 4 days or up to 2 weeks.

The interiors will be designed to function in both zero gravity and partial gravity…and there are plans for recreational activities such as weightless basketball games!

But beyond that…what else do you do besides staring out at the stars! Once you’re on… you’re stuck! You can’t just leave the hotel and go for a walk. I don’t know how I feel about that.

The price hasn’t been announced yet but if you had to compare it to Virgin Galactic…we’re probably talking 6-figures!

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