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What Happened With Olivia Rodrigo And Ticketmaster?!

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Another major tour goes on sale…and more complaining about Ticketmaster. Olivia Rodrigo tickets went on sale and social media was packed with complaints about error codes, wait lists, high fees etc. Olivia is at the Kia Forum next August.

But because demand is so high…Ticketmaster is trying something new to keep tickets away from scalpers.

Fans who were lucky enough to buy tickets during last week’s presale won’t actually receive those tickets until 72 hours before the show.

Tickets will only be delivered electronically, so no paper tickets.

Both of these moves are meant to keep scalpers from jacking up prices.

But is this really going to solve the problem??? Probably not… buyers can still sell their tickets for a profit through Ticketmaster itself. But that’s ok with Ticketmaster…because they get a piece of the action.

I saw tickets on StubHub selling for $2,250 each! So, it really doesn’t matter that you don’t have a ticket delivery until 72 hours before the show.

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