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Okay, Now It's Time To Freak Out...There's A Sriracha Shortage!

Crop Failure Leads To Shortage Of Popular Sriracha Sauce

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Sriracha is a staple in our household! We put it on everything!!

But there has been a supply chain issue since the beginning of the pandemic that has caused a shortage of chili peppers needed to make the sauce.

Severe weather conditions have also caused crops to fail causing smaller harvests of peppers so we can’t just blame it on the supply chain.

But even so, this is why we are in a shortage!

The company said it would not take any new orders before September. Any orders submitted before Labor Day would be produced in the fall because of low inventory!!!

So, I never thought that I’d see the day of people hoarding Sriracha sauce. But it’s happening!!! Everyone is wiping the shelves clean!!

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