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Everyone Is Talking About THESE Women's Gymnastics Uniforms


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Good news so far coming out of Tokyo at the 2020 Olympics (which were postponed until this summer for, well, obvious reasons): The U.S. women's gymnastics team competed for the first time at this year's Olympics yesterday, and while they had a few stumbles – including from the GOAT Simone Biles – they did still qualify to continue on, though they are currently behind the Russia women's team.

It is very unexpected for the U.S. team to not be in the lead at the end of the qualifier, but they still qualified, nonetheless. We can watch them again in action tomorrow!

However, a big story over the weekend was actually from a team who didn’t qualify at all... Germany's women's team.

For as long as I can recall, and reportedly for decades, female gymnasts have worn bikini-cut leotards while competing. But this year Germany said: not so fast.

The German team instead wore unitards that stretched to their ankles, intending to push back against sexualization of women in gymnastics. And I am HERE for it!

The move sends an especially important message since these Olympics are the first since Larry Nassar, a former USA Gymnastics national team doctor, was sent to prison for 176 years for sexually abusing hundreds of gymnasts.

Luckily, the German team's uniforms do comply with the wardrobe rules of the International Gymnastics Federation. But in other sports, there are still issues with sexist uniforms in sports. Just days before the games began, the Norwegian women's beach handball team refused to play in bikini bottoms during European tournaments, opting instead for skin-tight shorts. The team then received a fine for the violation - but have definitely caused a stir and conversation about the requirements of women's uniforms.

The singer Pink actually stepped up and shared that she would pay the fine for the team out of support for women no longer having sexist uniform standards and I LOVE that she did that!!

So, sorry you didn't qualify to move forward, Germany, but THANK YOU for sending a message!

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Photo: Getty Images

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