Lizzo Tried The Latest Watermelon TikTok Trend - Have You?

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There are constantly new trends going around on TikTok - and many of them are delicios. We could never forget the feta pasta trend or the cookie cereal trend... but this latest one does NOT have me running to try it.

A lot of people are jumping on this trend, Lizzo included, but that doesn't necessarily mean they all enjoy it. People are putting yellow mustard on watermelon. And eating it.

Maybe it's the pregnancy, or maybe I just truly find this repulsive, but saying the words "yellow mustard on watermelon" just made me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

Lizzo, queen of TikTok and trying different trends, did make a TikTok out of the trend, stitching her video together with the original video of a TikToker telling people to try mustard on watermelon - watch it below:

While Lizzo didn't outwardly hate on the trend in the video (thought she was clearly VERY confused), she did hint at not LOVING it even just in the caption, writing "umm I ended up just eating it w tajin."

And I can't blame her! If I were Lizzo, I would also just finish off that watermelon with tajin and NOT mustard. Of course, there are some delicious savory ways to enjoy watermelon (like with feta!) so the world is your oyster on this one.

If you remember, Lizzo also tried the "nature's cereal" trend on TikTok, which is essentially some fruit, ice and coconut milk. And that one she actually liked! So not all of these random trends are bad.

If you have a favorite TikTok food trend that you think I should try, let me know in a Yap below!! I'm open to it, I just haven't spent too much time researching! So let me know what the TASTIEST recipes you have found on TikTok are in the Yappa widget below!

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