Bald Eagle In Big Bear Laid A New Egg After First Was Destroyed

Wildlife on Long Island

Wildlife on Long Island

It's a VERY exciting time up in the Big Bear mountains right now... a Bald Eagle has just laid an egg that is expected to hatch next month.

The mom, a Bald Eagle named Jackie laid the egg over the weekend, on Saturday afternoon. A group called Friends of Big Bear Valley installed a camera to be able to watch the egg and ultimately watch the hatching of the egg, expected in mid-February.

What makes the laying of this egg even more important and exciting is that Jackie had recently laid another egg, but it was sadly destroyed when attacked by ravens.

If you're a nature-lover and want to keep up on Jackie's new egg, you can watch the live stream below:

I cannot believe that the camera was able to be set up with such a perfect view of the egg. It's going to be INCREDIBLE to watch the hatching of this egg.

More than 1,800 people were viewing the video feed late Sunday morning. It showed an eagle nestling on the egg as light winds blew through the San Bernardino National Forest.

Friends of Big Bear Valley are expecting that the egg will hatch sometime right around Valentine's Day this year.

Will you tune in to watch the baby Bald Eagle hatch??

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Photo: Getty Images

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