Joe From 'The Bachelorette' Shares His Experience Getting The COVID Vaccine

Doctor fills injection syringe with vaccine

Doctor fills injection syringe with vaccine

If you're a fan of The Bachelorette, you'll remember this name and face! Joe Park, who competed on this season of the show - during both Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams' time on the show - has recently taken to Instagram to document his experience with getting the COVID vaccine.

Joe is an anesthesiologist, who he was eligible for the first rounds of the vaccine, which are being primarily distributed to healthcare workers. Joe decided to educate his followers and fans of the show on the process of the vaccine in order to help some people feel more comfortable with it.

Many people have hesitations about getting the vaccine that was developed within a year of the pandemic beginning, so many people getting the vaccine are sharing their experience online to ease some of those concerns.

PEOPLE captured Joe's Instagram stories documenting the process.

The first step is to simply sign up to get the vaccine (when you are able, which will vary depending on age, underlying health conditions and profession).

The second step was filling out all necessary paperwork before actually getting the shot.

And the third step is getting the vaccine! As he showed in a video on his Instagram stories.

Joe then said he was monitored for up to 20 minutes after getting the vaccine, given Tylenol for injection site pain, a small package of fruit snacks, and was free to go!

He also shared a sticker on his medical ID that said "I got my COVID-19 vaccine!" and made sure to disclose that he has no financial stakes with any companies developing the vaccine, but rather wants to make sure people are educated about the process. Love to see it, Joe!

If you never watched this season of The Bachelorette but want to get to now Joe better before a possible Bachelor In Paradise appearance (I have no inside info, but fans fell in LOVE with Joe!!!) - check out his Instagram! He doesn't post much, but his messages to both Clare and Tayshia as his time with each of them ended are the definition of classy.

First there was Clare's, where he wishes she and her fiance Dale Moss the best of luck:

And then there is Tayshia's, where he not only thanks Tayshia for the "laughs and moments" they shared, but he also shouts out every member of the team who made this season possible and writes, "There's no magic in television. There are a lot of hard workers."

On his Instagram, Joe also shared a more in-depth explanation of the COVID-19 vaccine, as well as resources to get more information on the vaccine.

Love to see it, Joe!! Thanks for being our resident Bachelorette star/doctor who uses your platform for such a great cause.

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