Twinning With Sisanie: How Will You Celebrate Halloween This Year?

Nothing is "normal" anymore in 2020 - but one thing is for sure, time is still ticking, we still have holidays happening and days to celebrate, and I'm still documenting it ALL on my podcast.

This week on Twinning with Sisanie we're talking about the options for any kind of Halloween celebrations in 2020, and I give a liiiiitle (big!!!) sneak peak at the costume I'm sooo excited to have the kids wear this year!

Let's just say... it's from a movie they watch a LOT, and it is definitely a full family costume with Michael and I also dressing up as characters from the movie.

Listen to the new episode:

And if you missed last week's episode, I definitely could still use your help! We transitioned the kids to their toddler beds a couple weeks ago, but they're NOT falling asleep easily as well.

We keep them on a schedule for naps and bed time, but it seems like every nap time and every night one or both of them are fighting us on going to bed. Is this totally normal? Is it because they're in the same room and know they can just get up and get out of bed? Will this phase end?!

If you have tips on helping the twins get to sleep easier, OR if you have suggestions of fun ways to safely celebrate Halloween this year, I am ALL EARS! Leave me a Yap below and we can chat!

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