Jennifer Garner Is Launching A Kindness Initiative

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Jennifer Garner is a ball of sunshine.

If you don't follow her on Instagram, well, that's the first step to being obsessed with her and also to improving your life because, like I said, she is a ball of sunshine.

And now she's using those human sunshine powers to launch an initiative to inspire kindness, and I definitely can't think of anyone better for the job.

Jennifer teamed up with Walmart for the new initiative which encourages people to perform their own acts of kindness and share them on social media using the hashtag #SparkKindness.

It can be super simple like buying a stranger's coffee or volunteering somewhere! You just need to post some sort of photo about the act of kindness and you may end up being featured on Jennifer's social media as well! The hope is that this sharing and re-sharing of kindness will ultimately create a ripple effect in the world.


Jen kicked the whole thing off with her own act of kindness, helping to revitalize the community space of a school in Alpaugh, Calif.

Of the project, she said she had seen how this community space made an impact and wanted to make it greater.

“We rounded up Walmart associates and local volunteers and together we cleaned up the grounds and planted a small garden. I can’t tell you how great it felt to leave behind a gathering place for a community I know can use a little love.”

Of course Jennifer's act of kindness is on the "larger scale" side, but it doesn't have to be that major. But as Jen said, it can be small things! "Te smallest acts—picking up trash at a local park, volunteering at a shelter, buying a cup of coffee for someone who needs it—make the world a happier, more gentle place.”

I love this all so much! Shout out to Jennifer for being the greatest.

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