People Shared The Things They Wish Their Pets Could Understand


Ever since my twins Maxon and Aiza have arrived, I think my dogs Gypsy and Dakota think we don't love them as much anymore! Which is definitely not true, but we definitely have less time to let them cuddle with us on the couch or take them on long walks.

I wish I could tell them that they're going to become our kids' best friends once the babies are old enough to understand what having a dog means! Or that I could tell them that this period of life will pass and that we love them all the same.

This week on Twitter, people started sharing the messages they wish they could tell their pets and they would actually understand... and now I'm emotional reading through these.

But you will TOTALLY be able to relate if you're a pet owner.

For those who rescued their pet:


For those of us who feel TERRIBLE having to move our sleeping pet:


For those of us with babies in the house!!


For those whose pets just want to eat EVERYTHING:


And for those with pets who don't understand that hugs are actually nice and no one is trying to hurt their owner:


We really do not deserve our sweet pets. My dogs were my first babies and I love them! But when the babies are crawling and starting to want to pull on the dogs' fur, we have to keep them pretty separated!

We still love you, Gypsy and Dakota!

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