Mandy Moore Reveals What 'This Is Us' Has Taught Her About Motherhood

We all know and love Mandy Moore , as well as her massive show This Is Us . But did you know that Mandy actually took some parenting tips away from her time on the show, acting as a mother of triplets?

She may not be a mother herself at this time, but she definitely has an idea of what that first hand experience is like. Mandy opened up about playing Rebecca, the mom to Kevin, Kate and Randall, and how this role has given her unending respect for mothers. It's worth nothing that the show goes back and forth in its timeline, so Mandy isn't just acting with the adult versions of her triplets, but also with the young and teenage versions of those characters.

The biggest thing she has learned?

"It's shown me that maybe I am not as patient as I thought I was. But maybe it will be different when it's your own children."


While talking to Parents , Mandy also revealed that throughout her time on the show taught her one majorrrrr thing about motherhood - how to change a diaper.

I knew how to change diapers early on thanks to my siblings having kids years before me, but hey, if Mandy ever does become a mother, at least she knows the first big thing!

Mandy also talked about her unending respect for mothers... especially mothers of multiples.

"To think that she was doing this really without any help is beyond admirable. I don't know how women do it."

Mandy talked about her own plans for having a family with her husband, Taylor Goldsmith :

"Right now, my main focus and priority is my career but that won't always be the case... have so much admiration and compassion for Rebecca. I think that she is not a perfect mother, whatever that definition may be."

OK, but how much do we want to see some little Mandy's running around in the future? Guess we should wait and see.

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