Jessica Simpson Opened Up About Pregnancy Anxiety

If there's one person who has been super open about her current pregnancy, it's Jessica Simpson .

She first shared a photo of her own foot for the "10 year challenge" that everyone was participating in at the start of the year, poking fun at the fact that her feet are swollen during this pregnancy.

And recently, she shared an Instagram of her walking in the rain in order to fight off the insomnia she has been experiencing. And since her feet had previously been so swollen she couldn't even get into her shoes, this is a major win for her.

Jessica and husband Eric Johnson announced they were expecting back in September, and Jessica has been really honest that her third pregnancy has not been an easy one.

On top of revealing she has insomnia, she also admitted that she was dealing with sciatica pain, had gotten bronchitis and was walking off her anxiety in an Instagram post.


I wouldn't say I necessarily dealt with regular anxiety during my pregnancy - although, there's always a bit that comes with it because of all the ways your body is changing - but I do remember the amount of pain my feet and back were in from carrying my babies and I would not wish that on ANYONE.

And of course, when you're in that kind of pain it's impossible to get a good night's sleep.

So a tip to all those moms-to-be out there, follow Jessica Simpson on Instagram right now for some very serious realness about pregnancy.

Jessica is pregnant with a baby girl currently, and already has daughter Maxwell (6) and son Ace (5) who she also shares with her husband Eric.

Congratulations to this soon-to-be family of 5 and good luck to Jessica with the rest of her pregnancy! Can't wait to see their adorable baby girl.

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