Would You Try This New Peeps Coffee Creamer?

There's nothing that helps people get up in the morning like a cup of coffee, right? Especially since becoming a mom, sometimes you just need that coffee (although I keep trying to kick the habit!)

But now there's a brand new coffee creamer that might help put a little pep in your step because it's all based on your favorite Easter candy, Peeps!

International Delight decided that they wanted to make your mornings even better by combining coffee and Peeps.

The release from International Delight says that the marshmallow-flavored creamer is hitting store shelves now, but don't wait too long to try it out, because the creamer will only be around until right after Easter in April!

What's even better, is that if you're on a budget, the bottle of creamer is not going to break the bank.

A 32-ounce bottle has a suggested retail price of only $3.79. So you can have your morning cup of coffee with the 'mallow creamer for a lot less than it would be to go out and buy your cup of coffee.

I'm all about combining some of your favorite things into one, but I'm not positive that this is something I am TOTALLY all about. Will it make the coffee too sugary? Are marshmallows and coffee supposed to go together?

I guess marshmallows and hot chocolate go together, so why not coffee?

What are your thoughts on this new creamer? Into it? Not at all?

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