84-Year-Old Man Who Does Blind Wife's Makeup Now Has Makeup Tutorial


You may have heard the story a while back about an elderly couple who are the definition of couple goals. 

The 83-year-old wife is slowly going blind, and so her 84-year-old husband decided he would learn how to do her makeup for her when she no longer could see enough to do it on her own. 

Everyone fell in love with the couple and the story... and NOW the Irish couple, Des and Mona Monahan, are starring in their very own beauty tutorial for a real cosmetics company.

Say it with me now, "awwww."

Check it out: 


Des had gone to the local department store to take lessons on how to do her makeup. He learned now to properly apply lipstick, mascara and bronzer for his wife of nearly 57 years.

And everyone noticed. Even Mario Dedivanovic, aka Kim Kardashian's friend and makeup collaborator reached out to the couple and arranged to meet them in person. 

This story just warms my heart!!!

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