Cole Sprouse Awkwardly Answers If He And Lili Reinhart Are Dating


Well, the fans have spoken, Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart!

And they definitely want answers (though, whether they deserve the honest answer or not is totally up to Cole and Lili.)

If you don't know who Cole and Lili are - they play Jughead Jones and Betty Cooper on Riverdale which has become incredibly popular since arriving to The CW last year. 

In the show, their characters are dating... and fans have been speculating or quote some time now that the real-life Jughead and Betty are dating as well.

It doesn't help that they spend a LOT of time together doing press and shooting, and that Cole (who is also a very talented photographer) often posts shots of Lili. 

But we really had never gotten an answer on if they truly were dating, or if they were just really good friends and co-stars.

Until, you know, this fan at Paly Fest in Los Angeles decided to take matters into her own hands and get us all the answers we've been wanting.

You have to watch this video, and I'm sorry if it makes you feel as much secondhand embarrassment as it made me feel. 


The fan starts with simply stating the fact that there have been a lot of rumors about Cole and Lili dating... and then, though it seems Cole doesn't hear the second part, asks if they really are dating?

She has to repeat her question again, but I think Cole's response is telling everyone that Jughead and Betty I mean, Cole and Lili are pretty comfortable with it being known that they are, indeed, together. 

He pulls the microphone on his shirt up close to his mouth and whispers "no comment" which is certainly not a denial of their relationship. And let's face it, if you weren't dating someone, you wouldn't get as uncomfortable as Lili and Cole did in that moment.

Ah, young, sweet showmances. 

I think these two are actually really cute together! So let's hope the whole "getting really big in Hollywood" thing doesn't tear them apart, because they do have a show they've gotta work on. And they'd have to keep acting like they're dating. Yikes.

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