The Internet Had A Meltdown Over Jen Aniston And Brad Pitt Being Single

If you missed it yesterday, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux announced their split after less than 3 years of marriage.

The news rocked the entire world and I'm SO sad to hear because they seemed like such an amazing couple who really had a chance to make it in this crazy world... but alas.

Of course, the internet then completely lost its mind thinking about how Jennifer is now single at the same time as her ex-husband Brad Pitt.

And if you recall, the Brad/Jen break up and the Brad/Angelina Jolie get together was one of the most talked-about (still) break ups and new relationships in Hollywood history... so people really aren't handling this news well.


And then there are, of course, the people who want you to REALLY think about Jen here... like really think about it.


But of course there are also two sides to this whole thing.

Team Jen:


And Team Angelina:


And then there's a third side - Team Jen AND Angie:


Siiiiigh - I just want Jennifer to be happy.

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