Ellen Talks To That Famous 'BIP' Love Triangle


So what happens after 'Paradise'?

Honestly, for Dean Unglert, it's definitely not paradise. Because he ended up sitting in between the two girls he was torn between during Bachelor In Paradise and getting grilled by Ellen Degeneres (okay, it could be worse).

Does anyone feel as awkward as I do watching this? Both of the girls watching the show back and realizing there were totally different things going on than they understood... yikes.

But hey, at least Dean admits "I could have handled things much better," right?

And what's up with Kristina and Dean both seeming open to getting back together?! I both support this and don't support this because I feel like Kristina deserves better than someone who played with her emotions for so long.

But I mean, Dean DID post this adorable photo of them recently...


Guess we'll have to wait and find out! But we may never really know what's going on.

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