James Golden Joins Us Wednesday for the Launch of His New Podcast on Rush

TODD: I wish you guys could know and get to know Team EIB. They're such talent and humor and intelligence on the other side of the microphone that they would say or as I just said. One such person is gonna join us tomorrow, Bo Snerdley. His actual name is James Golden. He's the host of a forthcoming podcast, Rush Limbaugh: The Man Behind the Golden EIB Microphone.

He's gonna join us just after noon Eastern Time tomorrow, talk about the stories to be shared in this new podcast series. The first episode's available on Wednesday, sponsored by Tunnel to Towers Foundation and MyPillow -- and I would just tell you this. I am certain that all the folks who had the privilege of working with Rush all these years have amazing stories to tell.






I know that James/Bo is a great storyteller, and you're gonna hear things -- I'm gonna hear things -- I never thought I'd get to know about the Maha. So you'll hear this in a very personal way. I really encourage you to mark your calendars for tomorrow to hear James/Bo Snerdley, and I'll see if I can... I have a question in my mind. I don't know that he'll answer it, but I do have a question in mind for James to begin that.