Who’s Running the Democrat Party?

RUSH: Breaking news, breaking news. Nancy Pelosi says that she's not gonna send the articles of impeachment to the House today. Really? What a gigantic surprise that is. Breaking news, breaking news, Nancy Pelosi says she's going to take steps to send the articles of impeachment to the Senate next week. Really?

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RUSH: What does that mean, she’s gonna take steps to send the articles of impeachment to the Sentate next week? With all due respect to the ChiComs and the Chinese, I think the Democrat Party's becoming a Chinese fire drill. I don't think they know what they're doing over there. I think they literally are the equivalent of a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off, and it's really tough to figure out who's running that party, outside of the press, outside of the media.


RUSH: The Democrat Party is standing in quicksand. And there are a number of reasons for it, and I may want to try to explore a little today why that may be.

There is something very, very fascinating happening with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her fundraising that is way outside the standard way it has always been done. Essentially one of the reasons Pelosi or any other Speaker has such a hold on the job is that the Speaker is always a prolific fundraiser because of the power of the gig. And Pelosi has always, as Boehner did and as Paul Ryan, shared the wealth.

You go out and you tell various members, “Hey, you want to be reelected? Hey, you want my help in being reelected? Hey, support the stuff that I tell you to support and I'll give you money.” And that's how you buy loyalty. That's standard operating procedure. Think of it what you will, but that's how it's always worked.

Well, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is out raising money on her own and not sharing it with anybody in the Democrat Party. You know what she's doing with it? She's coming up with people to primary incumbent Democrats in the leadership that she doesn't like because they're a bunch of fossils. They're a bunch of relics. They're a bunch of old-fashioned "we don't do it that way anymore" type people.

And Pelosi has no control over her. And she, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, you could say that she is the energetic figurehead leader of the wacko, radical leftists in the Democrat Party that Pelosi is not in charge of. And so it could be said that Pelosi's doing everything she's doing here to try to mollify that group.

But, folks, the Democrats... We've noted here over the course of this busy broadcast week all the Democrats breaking with Pelosi. We've had Senator Feinstein break. We've had Chris Coons break. A number of them don't understand what's going on. "Okay, we got the articles. Send 'em over!" She won't send 'em over. They want the articles sent over. She has been trying to do something, and it's blown up in her face.

Her strategy was to hold those articles and force McConnell -- because of some kind of imaginary public pressure that was gonna be applied to him -- to accede to her demands on the trial (i.e., there would be witness; i.e., there would be Bolton; i.e., there would be a whole bunch of people that the House didn't call) and Pelosi for some reason thought that holding the articles and not sending them over would somehow apply pressure on McConnell and the Republicans in the Senate would say, "Okay! Okay! If you want to call witnesses, just send 'em over."

But that hasn't happened. McConnell has stood firm. As the Turtle, he hasn't moved. She hasn't... None of this has worked. Bottom line: None of what she was attempting has worked. She's no closer to getting what she was aiming for -- i.e., an expanded investigation under the guise after trial in the Senate. So now the Democrats are breaking away. They've grown impatient. "What the hell are you doing? Send them over!" She said she was gonna send 'em over.

I guarantee you... She said some things yesterday, and people literally thought we had it yesterday. Democrats and the media really thought she was gonna send 'em over today. In fact, you might have gone to bed last night thinking you're gonna wake up today and the articles of impeachment would be delivered to the Senate. Well, had you listened to me yesterday, I would have told you that's not the case, not gonna happen.

There's no way it's gonna happen, particularly after I heard what Pelosi said yesterday. After I heard what Pelosi said yesterday, I gave her some advice. Grab audio sound bite number 2. This is the advice I gave Pelosi -- and I think this is still operative. I'm not gonna believe that those articles of impeachment will ever get to the Senate 'til I actually see it happen. She said today she's going to "take steps" to deliver the articles of impeachment to the Senate. Take steps? What's "take steps" mean?

Well, she's gonna have a meeting with her caucus on Tuesday. There's no need for a meeting with the caucus unless there is still a gigantic amount of indecision -- and there is, because none of this has worked the way they intended. I'm just gonna remind you again. Not one thing, starting with Russia meddling in the election and Russia colluding with Trump -- not one thing -- has worked. Stormy Daniels didn't work, Cohen didn't work, Avenatti didn't work, the attack on Kavanaugh didn't work, the Ukraine crap didn't work.

Nothing has worked. They are (do not doubt me) beside themselves. This is unknown territory. They're not used this kind of impotence. In their minds, they've got all the weapons and they've got all the firing mechanisms. They've got the media. They've got public opinion! They can shape and bend and flake and form anything they want. Nothing has worked. The original idea was the whistleblower characterizing the Ukraine phone call -- that alone -- was supposed to cause people to demand that Trump leave!

That alone! Without even doing any hearings in the SCIF, without even calling any witnesses, the whistleblower alone -- and then Trump releases the transcript and blows that to smithereens. But this whole effort has been designed to create massive public opinion fleeing from Trump. It hasn't happened. They don't have the goods to get rid of Trump in an impeachment or an impeachment trial or the allegation of colluding with Russia 'cause there isn't any.

There's no evidence Trump has done any of this. This has always been an effort to move public opinion in massive percentages to anti-Trump, and it hasn't, and they're lost. They don't know what to do now. So now, "Trump is committing war crimes! He took out the terrorists. There was no imminent threat." I mean, they're just flailing away. Meanwhile, Trump goes to his rally last night in Toledo and is just laughing at 'em.

Poking fun at 'em, having more fun at their expense, properly characterizing Pencil Neck and talking about Pelosi, begging -- begging -- for the Democrats to nominate Biden so that he, Trump, can ask him about Hunter nine times during the debates. Trump is on top of the world, sitting there with overflowing confidence, having a grand old time -- and these people on the Democrat side are at a loss.

Now they are asking themselves, "Who the hell is in charge of over here anyway?" (interruption) No, no, no. Don't doubt me. They don't know who's running the Democrat show right now, other than the media. Who's in charge? Now, here's the advice I gave Pelosi yesterday, audio sound bite number 2. Three... two... one...

RUSH ARCHIVE: She should be pushing the Turtle to dismiss the charges based on what she just said here. “Dismiss equals admission.” There’s your solution, Madam Speaker! There is your answer. She should be pushing for a dismissal of charges and then run around and say, “The Senate knows Trump’s guilty, and that’s why they dismissed the charges ’cause they don’t have the guts to do a trial.” When the truth is, there’s nothing to try because she doesn’t have a case, and her articles of impeachment do not present a case. This is why she’s not gonna send ’em over.

RUSH: Yeah. Look, I know I'm a lone wolf. She's saying they're gonna go over there Tuesday. I'll believe it when I see it. Well, she didn't specify Tuesday. She said next week she's gonna "take steps." But she said yesterday, "Dismissal of charges equals admission of guilt." That's what she's saying. If the Turtle dismisses the charges, he's essentially saying that Trump's guilty. Well, she ought to be pushing for that, then, 'cause that's as close as she's gonna get.

And then go out and try to make that case. It's kind of like the advice I gave her. "Madam Speaker, all you've got here... The only thing you can do is to accuse the Republicans of bias and partisanship and mean-spiritedness and bigotry and all the rest -- and that's why your articles are not gonna get a fair trial because of the Republicans. You gotta dump on the Republicans." Those are the two options that she has left, 'cause, folks, if they... (chuckling) If they go to a trial, there's gonna be an acquittal -- and if that happens, she's toast.

You talk about shooting yourself in the foot or elsewhere?

Talk about self-forced errors?

That would be the creme de la creme!