This Show Sparked the Hillary-Tulsi Feud

RUSH: Yeah, yeah, yeah, we're gonna get to Tulsi Gabbard and Hillary Clinton. Folks, I have to tell you something. I think this show actually got this ball rolling.

It was last Wednesday that Hillary appears on that podcast that nobody heard, nobody listened to, David Plouffe's podcast.On Friday, this program played audio excerpts of Mrs. Clinton calling Tulsi Gabbard and Jill Stein Russian agents. This program ended at 3 p.m. At 3:12 p.m. Jill Stein tweeted her reaction to it and then Tulsi Gabbard started reacting to it.

I think Hillary's podcast and her comments were out there for two days, day and a half before anybody knew about it because nobody listens to Plouffe's podcasts. The Drive-Bys that reported on it didn't do anything about it 'cause they know it's not a good look for Hillary. So, we came blowing the whistle on it on Friday afternoon, and then all hell breaks loose! Best I see it.