Solar Road Is the Left’s Latest Debacle

RUSH: Have you ever heard of a solar road? I hadn't until I ran across this story. Solar roads. It's an actual road made of solar panels. A road! Something you would drive on. Something you would ride your bike on. "Solar roads were promised to be one of the biggest unprecedented revolutions of our time, not just in the field of renewable energy but in the energy sector generally. Covering 2,800 square meters, Normandy's solar road was the first in the world, inaugurated in 2016..."

You know what? Brian, before I go far, I need to take a screenshot. Folks, just imagine a two-lane road made of solar panels -- and it was supposed to revolutionize renewable energy. The point of the story is it has become -- the first solar road has become -- "a colossal failure." It's falling apart. It doesn't generate anywhere near enough energy. It's not even close to sustainable. Two years after. It's the Normandy road in France. "Two years after the world's first solar road ... was set up, it's turned out to be a colossal failure, according to a report by Le Monde," the French newspaper.

"The road has deteriorated to a terrible state, it isn't producing anywhere near the amount of energy it had previously pledged to, and the traffic it has brought with it is causing noise problems," because driving on solar panels is not quiet. It's another left-wing invention based on doing good things -- social justice, sustainable economy and climate change, blah, blah, blah -- and it's an absolute debacle.


RUSH: Looky here, folks. We have somebody actually call to weigh in on the solar road, the Normandy road in France. It's near Normandy. So that would make sense. And it is an absolute colossal failure, as most all of the claims about solar are. As are most of the claims about wind, as are most of the claims about renewal, renewable. It's all bogus. If there was anything better than fossil fuels, the market would be rewarding that.

Right now there isn't anything that can come close to providing the energy humanity needs in 2019 like fossil fuels. There just isn't anything. And when there someday is, that new propellant system, that new propulsion system, that new energy source will make gazillions of dollars. But solar and wind are left-wing activist creations that are all part of the climate change hoax that are designed to fool young people into thinking they're actually doing something to make their lives meaningful.

There's no such thing as renewable energy, other than manure. There's no such thing as sustainable this, I mean, energy has to be continually replaced. You know, I have to laugh when I see a story about solar and wind or whatever and reading the leftist people touting it. And then I'll see a semi-truck or an airplane take off, and I will ask myself, how in the world would that semi be propelled down the highway with wind and solar? How would it get there?

How would the airplane get even to the end of the runway to try to take off without jet fuel? What mechanism of transporting people and cargo through the air is there? Don't tell me blimps. We couldn't. There's nothing. Markets are amazing. Markets are brilliant. Markets work. The fossil fuel industry reigns supreme, oil reigns supreme. I don't care what they've poisoned young leftist minds to think about it. There simply isn't anything that comes close to being able to accomplish the needs that are provided by oil and other derivatives of petroleum products.

But I got a guy that wants to weigh in on this. This is Dave in St. Paul, Minnesota. By the way, Dave, since you're in Minnesota, I saw a news story just now that Fauxcahontas actually drew a crowd of 12,000 people in Minnesota for one of her political rallies. Not that it relates to what you're gonna talk about. I just wanted to use the occasion of your call to get that bit of information out there. Not asking you to comment on it 'cause I know you want to talk about the solar road.

CALLER: Right. Right. Former environmentalist wacko dittos, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I'm very proud to say that you helped me get away from that. I thought I was a liberal when I was in high school and college in the late eighties and early nineties, but I guess I really just had a bad case of Stockholm syndrome.

RUSH: Why was it seductive to you? Tell the audience, what sucked you in about the environmental or climate change, global warming movement, whatever it was, what was it that made you vulnerable to the Stockholm syndrome in the first place?

CALLER: Well, because back when I was -- like I said, when I was in high school and college, science still pretty much reigned supreme. They hadn't quite been as badly corrupted as -- well, they may have been, but they were basically corrupted. It's a lot of money --

RUSH: But you believed they were gospel. You weren't aware of the fact they'd been corrupted politically?

CALLER: Right. They hadn't really given me any reason to believe that they had been defrauding us. But now --

RUSH: Do you believe that Bill Nye, The Science Guy, is a legitimate scientist?

CALLER: (laughing).

RUSH: No, seriously! There are people that do. I mean, it's an act.

CALLER: Pseudoscience guy.

RUSH: There are people that do believe that Bill, he's quoted, he appears as a regular guest, as an expert on all this.

CALLER: He's a puppet. He's a marionette for what I call the climate industrial complex.

RUSH: Well, there you go.

CALLER: There's about $200 billion invested in wind and solar. This is all around the world, wind, solar, all these are alternative projects. There may be a few that might actually work, but solar is not one of them, especially the farther north you get from the equator.

This is gonna come as a complete shock to some liberals, but the earth actually is round and the further away you get from the equator the fewer photons actually hit the surface of the earth. That's why it gets colder the farther north you get from the pole. And basically, anything north of about the 35th parallel, think Oklahoma City, anything further north of that your solar panels will work, but they will never generate as much energy for you as was invested in their manufacture and transportation and installation.

And this roadway in France -- I did some research on this. This place in Normandy is at about the 49th parallel and that's on a par with International Falls, Minnesota, better known as frostbite falls. There was just no way -- even if it had been made of stronger stuff that it would have been able to withstand people driving on it -- I can't imagine driving on a solar panel. It never would have -- it would have been a complete energy loser. You've lost energy by installing a solar panel.

RUSH: Just stop and think of the concept. Here you have a road that’s all solar panels, and the panels from the photo I have are about the size of three bricks laid. And solar road I guess was gonna be attractive 'cause all of those solar panels combined in a road was going to generate all kinds of electricity and power while utilizing another purpose, getting people from point A to point B on the road.

But when its heavily trafficked, no sun is reaching the panels because cars are on top of it and then you got bicycle riders. The whole concept is ludicrous, the solar road, but, boy, was it embraced, and it was embraced for the usual reason: “Because we care, because it's worth trying, Mr. Limbaugh. Europe is worth saving, Mr. Limbaugh. Worth trying. At least we're trying. You just oppose everything.”

No, I don't oppose everything. I just oppose stupidity. I oppose the absence of common sense. And now it's all falling apart. There isn't a solar project out there that's actually -- unless it's the size of a freaking Iowa cornfield, and then if you have any cloud cover, you're sunk, and like a wind farm, if there's no wind…

I understand people wanting no pollution and sustainable this and sustainable that, but all of this only works, the only reason this cockamamie crap ever is given a chance is because it has been sold as the only way to save the planet from destruction. You take kids from the moment they're young skulls full of mush and you keep telling them that there isn't gonna be a habitable climate in 30 years or 40, you're gonna scare the devil out of them.

And then you're gonna get 'em to support any cockamamie thing that you come up with. That's exactly how they've done it. Plus tapping into the psychological need that all human beings have to matter, to think that your life has meaning. So it's been artfully done, but it's all a crock. All of it is. Anyway, I appreciate the call, Dave. Thanks much.