The New York Times Reframes American History to Target Donald Trump and ...

RUSH: All right. Just right here is why I am necessary. This is why I'm needed. I mean, I've talked to everybody. “Slow news weekend, Rush, nothing happening out there. The biggest news I found was Jeffrey Epstein was delivered a couple of women's panties, size 5.” You didn’t hear that? When he was in the Palm Beach County jail he requested some women's size 5 panties and they delivered ‘em to him. You didn't hear about that?

Some people think that's the biggest news of the weekend. Or maybe Trump wanting to buy Greenland. Those may be funny stories. And buying Greenland actually would not be a bad idea. You know how we came to own the Virgin Islands? We bought them. We bought the Virgin Islands from Denmark. And then Epstein bought Little Dick's, little whatever, Little Jeff's. (interruption) From what? Pedophile island, right. We'll probably get that back now. The U.S. will probably get that back.

But if we bought Greenland, think of what we could do to thwart the climate change movement. These climate change wackos cite Greenland as the number one evidence for melting glaciers and ice. So if we bought Greenland, we could prevent all global warming people from going there. You know, make a visa so the climate change people can't go or some such thing.

Anyway, folks, that stuff pales in comparison. There is such a giant See, I Told You So that occurred over the weekend here that it falls to me to make a big deal of it. Look. Of course, yeah, the Democrats are continuing their dry run here. They're trying to talk everybody into recession. And that news was prominent over the weekend as well. But that's not the big news. And you may not think what I think is big news is big news today but I'm still gonna share it with you.

Six days ago. Six days ago -- you gotta keep in mind here -- let me say one thing. The Russia collusion hoax is dead. It died. It failed. They did not get rid of Trump. Impeachment failed. It's gone. Every hope, everything that they had developed to get rid of Trump was wrapped up in Russian collusion and the Mueller report. And so it failed. Therefore they have to move on to something else.

Do you know what the "something else" is? You do without me telling you. Trump is a racist. All white people are white supremacists and white nationalists. Racism is now not enough by itself. Because it's been so overused it's lost the impact. So now we're all white nationalists or we are all white racists and that's what Trump is.

So six days ago on the 13th of August there was a tweet little noticed from an infobabe at the New York Times. "In the days and weeks to come," it begins, "we will publish essays demonstrating that nearly everything that has made America exceptional grew out of slavery." Are you aware – I talked about it last week -- do you remember that the editor of the New York Times, the executive editor Dean Baquet had to call a staff meeting because of unrest in the newsroom?

And it was recorded. Somebody recorded it and transcribed it, and it has leaked. And the subject matter was the editor of the New York Times explaining to the people in the newsroom what the next project is. Since Trump-Russia collusion failed, an attack on America as racist since its founding is now the new project at the New York Times.

Would somebody explain to me what is news about this? Did the New York Times just discover that there's racism everywhere and it's actual news that's being made that's responsible for this coverage, or is it the selection of an agenda item that the New York Times is going to push disguised as journalism? It is the latter. There isn't any such news to warrant this.

The New York Times has essentially admitted now what we've all known and what you're gonna hear me – it’s nothing new. We have accused the New York Times and the rest of the Drive-By Media as now being agenda oriented. They don't do news anymore.

There is no journalism anymore. There is no actual coverage of events and reporting to people that weren't there what happened at these events. That's what journalism basically is. And there isn't any of that anymore. Journalism today, as popularized by what's been known as the mainstream media, is now "get Trump." That's all it is and all of Trump's supporters as well. Anybody that likes Trump. The Republican Party, period, it is "get Trump," it's get everybody responsible for Trump.

And it's going to be cloaked or couched as journalism. So here's the tweet six days ago. "In the days and weeks to come, we will publish essays demonstrating that nearly everything that has made America exceptional grew out of slavery." Folks, what have I been saying for years? The reason why this is huge news to me is that it is a giant See, I Told You So.

This demonstrates how the Drive-By Media and the rest of the Democrats are trying to turn the founding of this country into a sin. You've probably gotten blue in the face listening to me talk about this, that the modern-day left believes America was founded unjustly, that America was founded in immorality, that there is no American greatness, there is no American exceptionalism because it's been built on the back of minorities or that we stole from other nations. There's nothing legitimate about America.

And here comes the New York Times making the case for me! This is one of the biggest See, I Told You So's in my stellar career, ladies and gentlemen. The Washington Examiner has the story. Byron York and others. " New Goal for the New York Times: Reframe American History and Target Trump." The Drive-By Media and the New York Times are now turning the founding of America into a sin. Now, you’re way ahead of the game because I've told you this is what the left has been about for years. They're just now admitting it.

And it comes to us from the leaked transcript of the meeting that Dean Baquet had with his people in the newsroom at the New York Times. Now, as part of this effort, the New York Times has started something called the 1619 Project. Started it last week. The New York Times says that the project “aims to reframe the country's history, understanding 1619 as our true founding, and placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans at the very center of the story.”

That's the New York Times rewriting the founding of America and rewriting American history. It's another hoax! The Russia hoax bombed out. The Covington kids hoax bombed out. They've tried a number of different hoaxes to get rid of Trump, and they have all blown up, and they are at their wits' end. They are unable to harness any kind of sanity, folks. I think this hatred of Trump has rendered them poisoned.

Stop and put yourself in their shoes. These are the people that are able to get rid of any politician or any public figure they want at any time, including presidents. They are able to destroy the credibility of people. They're able to ruin administrations. They are able to, in the case of Nixon, actually get rid of one. But the point is in their minds they set their sights on somebody and they're able to take 'em out.

They set their sights on Donald Trump in 2015. They have launched everything they've got. They've launched every weapon in their arsenal. It has bombed out and blown up in their faces. I think they're deranged, delusional, and bordering on maybe even clinical insanity here. Particularly when you read the transcript of Dean Baquet, the executive editor of New York Times, read that town hall meeting he had with the newsroom. It's mind-boggling. And they are destroying journalism in the process.

I think Trump's already reelected. I don't want to make too big a deal about this right now, but I think these people have gone so far overboard and they're unaware of it -- there's a story in the Stack today about Trump supporters in Seattle coming out now. There's a story about how Antifa is bombing out in Portland. People are finally starting to see who Antifa is.

When you see a story about Trump supporters surfacing and coming out in Seattle, I think there is -- Megan Rapinoe. Megan Rapinoe did an interview. You find out her whole family loves Trump. She's the only member of her family that doesn't. And she's mad that even as Trump was supposedly criticizing her, her father continued to love Trump. I don't think Trump really criticized her. He invited her to the White House. She's the one that started uttering obscenities.

The point is, remember this polling data we had a couple of weeks ago that the New York Times ran? And I guarantee you, this story scared the hell out of them. They've been running all this polling data showing that Trump's popularity is waning, that he's wearing people out. And then they ran a poll, and they found out that millions of people who didn't vote for Trump in 2016 all of a sudden like the guy. There's a whole swath of this country that the polling is missing when they run around and poll on Trump's approval rating.

So I’ll get to all this stuff as the program unfolds, the Seattle story. There are others like that as well. I think that there is a general collapse occurring within the left. There's a column in USA Today about what a fraud the Southern Poverty Law Center. Now, it is a fraud. It's as big a hate group as the Democrat Party is. And they raise money ostensibly to stop hate. They raise money ostensibly to focus on hate organizations, which are all right-wing, mainstream organizations.

We've come to find out that Morris Dees and the people that run this have offshore bank accounts in the Caimans! These people are essentially fraudsters and thieves, hoodwinking a bunch of American leftists, including Apple! Apple donated a million dollars to this outfit! They've got a social justice warrior CEO who falls for all of this stuff. I think it's beginning to collapse on them, and we just don't see it because there's not a word like that ever spent or ever reported in the Drive-By Media.

Now, back to the New York Times, the 1619 Project. That's the year of "our true founding" of our country. It "plac the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans at the very center of the story we tell ourselves about who we are." We've been lying to ourselves forever. This country wasn't founded in 1776. This country wasn't founded in the Revolutionary War. This country was founded when slavery began in America!

Slavery is the foundation on which all American greatness has been built -- and when you say that, you are just disqualifying all American greatness. You are trying to erase it, you're trying to wipe it out, you're trying to rub it out -- and this is the New York Times. A project! I thought the New York Times did journalism. I thought all the Drive-By Media did journalism. No! We've got a new hoax now folks! We have a new bogus news case that is designed to try to get rid of Donald Trump. Their recession story isn't working, but they're not giving up on it.

The Russian collusion story bombed out. The Covington kids story bombed out. Kavanaugh? That hoax bombed out. Name 'em. Every hoax they have run has blown up in their faces! They are Wile E. Coyote times 10! Everything they have tried! They are feeling as impotent and useless as they have ever felt. Don't doubt me on this. They are beside themselves. They are at their wits' end. They do not know how to get rid of Donald Trump. They do not know how to damage Donald Trump.

Why, I've even got a story in the Stack here by a deranged leftist named Paul Waldman who is upset that the Never Trumpers have failed, and that the Never Trumpers are basically a nonstory, and that the Never Trumpers are not going to be able to accomplish a damn thing. There is... If you look carefully, there are a series of stories where the left is admitting its frustration. The left is admitting its failures.

The New York Times said they plan on using this series, the 1619 Project -- this series that all American greatness grew from slavery. They have announced that they are going to "use the series throughout different parts of the paper's news sections, including sports, business, and travel." So no part of the paper will be safe from this revisionist propaganda. Every department of the newspaper is going to now be based on the premise that there is no American greatness, no legitimate American greatness.

There's no legitimate American exceptionalism, and there's no legitimate great America, because America is a gigantic fraud because all American greatness was built on slavery. The New York Times has announced that project. Beware. We will chronicle it for the entertainment value of it. But it is an attempt to reframe American history for the purposes of targeting Trump and his supporters to get rid of him.


RUSH: In this Dean Baquet meeting at the New York Times... I can't tell you how much I hate talking about the New York Times, by the way, folks. I'm sick and tired of it. But this is required, because the New York Times is essentially confirming everything I have told everybody about where the American left is and what the American left is basing its future on. By the way, 1619 -- if you're wondering why they're calling it that, 1619 -- is the 400th anniversary.

That's when slaves were first brought to this continent. So the New York Times, that's the day America was founded, when slavery was brought to the continent. There wasn't even a United States then! There weren't even the 13 colonies then. And yet the New York Times is claiming that this year is the 400th anniversary of that event. The Times has created this 1619 Project. And this is what they're saying they hope the project will accomplish.

"It aims to reframe the country’s history, understanding 1619 as our true founding, and placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans at the very center of the story we tell ourselves about who we are." Now, given that New York Times determines all or the vast majority of Drive-By Media coverage, every other cable network is gonna have to pick up on this.

They follow the New York Times around, and imagine that most of American journalism now in the next 18 months, 14 months, is gonna be devoted to a story about how America isn't great, America's flawed, America's unjust, America is immoral -- leading up to a presidential election they hope Democrats are gonna win?


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