Why We’re Going to See Some Kind of Gun Legislation

RUSH: I'm just predicting there is gonna be some kind of a deal made on new gun control legislation or gun legislation. Maybe not gun control.

But if I had to bet, you're gonna see some kind of attempt to make a deal between the White House and Congress on increased or so-called improved background checks because the prevailing winds in Washington are telling everybody, "We've gotta do something! We've got to do something!" In their minds, it doesn't really matter. Just do something so it can be seen that they've done something. So it can be seen that there has been a response by our government to the tragedies.

There isn't a thing they can do regarding gun legislation that would stop these shootings, because it's not gun legislation that is responsible for it. The one thing none of this ever takes into account -- you can ban guns left and right. You can take guns away from the law-abiding all day. People who intend, who have made up their minds to use guns in a criminal way are going to find them. They are, by definition, criminals.

So what's happening in Washington is this overwhelming sense that everybody there feels that we've got to do something. "We gotta do something, Rush. We gotta do something. We gotta show people we're responding. We gotta do something. People are demanding that we do something."

A, they probably are. They're demanding anything 'cause everybody just wants to feel better about this. Everybody just wants to think we're doing something about it, "even if it doesn't matter, we want to do something." Because of the psychological need to do something. And then you add on to the psychological need that to do something, the government has to do it.